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The Secret Art of Murder

By Five Gallants


Five Gallants are a new collective of theatre-makers experimenting with form, genre and language. The company is centred on formal innovation and although drawing inspiration from traditional stories, their staging and writing are both modern, in that they are still influenced by current theatrical practice.

We have a show coming up this September as part of Dublin Fringe Festival. The Secret Art of Murder is New Irish Writing that investigates the demise of Christopher Marlowe.

To make this happen we need YOU. We need some help. This is our first production in Dublin Fringe Festival, we're only just beginning & with every new start we need some love & support to get going.

Give what you can, share the link, tell your friends & family, or simply come to the show this September.

Our rewards are tailored to give back to YOU all that we can. Not just tickets, programmes, posters BUT to give back using our skills. We can offer you workshops with our director Conor Madden on blank verse, workshops with one of our performers Rob McDermott on physical theatre, 2 hour photo shoots for those head shots you've been meaning to get, those promo shots you need for that show you're doing or gig you have coming up or new website you're building...A personalised sonnet from our writer Stephen McDermott...Or a unique chair made just for YOU like no one elses - get YOUR name on it! That way you can finally say ' Yeh, it does have my name on it, right there' ...followed in quick sucession by 'boom'!

Where will this money go? This will go to a set & design worthy of a Marlowe himself, with a touch of film noir for good measure. It will keep us safe from harm in the form of Insurance. It'll keep us dry from the rain that will inevitably come during an Irish Summer aka Rehearsal space. In other words it will cover; Set, lights, costumes, props, insurance, rehearsals, programmes, posters, flyers and so much more to help make this happen.

Drawing influence from Elizabethan tragedy, Christopher Marlowe's signature style and the investigative aspects of Film Noir, 'The Secret Art of Murder', demonstrates the way in which political and social practices from over four centuries ago still resonate within the present day, while also informing the way in which we read into historical narratives. Five Gallants present this show through blank verse with a post dramatic twist.