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The Spiritual Journey Of Ireland

By David Patton


   We want to make a full length video documentary taking us all around the island of Ireland exploring our Spiritual History while taking in the historic sites that connect us to our Spiritual Past. 

   The concept for the documentary has been with me since 2002 when I first started investigating our rich Spiritual heritage. Since that time, I have always had it as a dream to be able to research this in more detail and bring out the pivotal stories that make up our Spiritual journey as a Nation and see what impact it has both on our present and future. The topic gripped me and has stayed with me and in the name of “Carpe diem” and recognising the need to drive forward to reach our potential and fulfil our dreams, I am taking life by the horns and stepping out to make this dream a reality. 
   As a local church leader, passionate communicator and student of faith, I look forward to the opportunity to write and put together this documentary. My media team is in the form of a close friend who has all necessary equipment to put together and produce this project and take it all the way from the filming to production and post production. 

   Filming will take us to specific heritage sites around the whole Island of Ireland and will exemplify our beautiful landscape as a visual backdrop to the spoken content delivered by multiple contributors.

   So far we have commitments from many high profile people who have agreed to be contributors to the documentary and some of which are happy to also feature and be interviewed as a part of the project itself. These people include but not limited to Nick Park (Executive Director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland), Dr John Scally (Professor in Ecclesiastical History in Trinity Collage Dublin) and Patrick Comerford (Priest, Writer and Theologian) 

   I consider crowdfunding to be an incredible way to have people get behind this project and support the making of our documentary. When I use the word "our" it points to the fact that each person who supports us is in part an owner of the finished product as without them, it will not be achievable. 

   Over 50% of the funds will be spent directly on the filming, production and post production. 30% of the budget will be spend on research, content creation and the writing of the script which will form the basis of the documentary. The remaining 20% will be used to make physical copies of the Documentary as well as PR and advertising to get the Film into as many hands as possible. 

   Once funded, we plan to film the documentary in the Spring/Summer months of 2018 and have the Documentary finished by November of 2018 giving the backers a chance to receive their DVD’s in time for Christmas as we think the finished product will make a great Christmas gift for friends and family.