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The Spokes Of The Wheel

By The Bootleg Studios


Renewable energy is the only way forward.

'The Spokes Of The Wheel' explores proposed renewable energy plans in Ireland, as our country strives to reach its 2020 target, of 40 per cent energy, generated from renewable sources.

We expose the proposed plans to expand large scale wind generation in Ireland, in this cutting edge documentary that's sure to inspire, educate and entertain it's audience.

It's safe to say, the overemphasis on wind power in Ireland and the eyesores related, will destroy our natural landscape. Are there better ways of meeting our renewable energy targets and reducing our Co2 emissions? Without blighting our country with industrial scale wind farms.

Moneypoint Power Station, Co. Claire, is Ireland's largest electricity generation station and only coal-fired power station. It is the country's single largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Could we convert Moneypoint Power Station from coal to biomass? A renewable and sustainable natural resource.

What other renewable energy sources are available to Ireland?

What do Eirgrid's plans to build inter connectors from Ireland to mainland Europe, for the export of Irish wind power, mean for our small island?

We ask the questions that allow audiences to see a bigger picture.

As it stands we have enough infrastructure in place to support Ireland's renewable energy quotas. The expansion of Irish wind power means only to support private investors.

This documentary is for the people and by the people. 'The Spokes Of The Wheel' is our opportunity to unite alliances across the nation with a clear message to Eirgrid. Think Again!

'The Spokes Of The Wheel' Director, Alan O'Callaghan, has a broad professional background in the film and television industry, with experience working for BBC Broadcast on multiple productions and running his own production company based in Ireland.

The shoe-string budget of this documentary is made possible with most of the time required, being volunteered by industry professionals along with equipment and other resources.

Film making is a costly business, especially when it comes to obtaining rights to archive footage and music.

With your support we can make this non-profit documentary and create mass awareness of the issues we face as a country.

Scheduled completion of this project is 6 months from successful funding.

Upon completion 'The Spokes Of The Wheel' will be released to the public at no charge.



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