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The Tikaboo Tales Children's Books

By Vivienne Lynch


What is this project all about?

I'd like to fundraise to get my five children's books printed and published as part of a series called Tikaboo Tales.  


Why bother?

I conjured up these stories while living with Tikaboo and Kodi, my beloved and nutty huskies, when I lived in Northern Arizona and later they really got going when I worked as a Vet Nurse student.  I feel passionate about getting their messages out to the world, i.e., the importance of showing empathy towards each other - and indeed all animals - as well as seeing how changing our perspectives can alter the quality of our lives.  Young children will feel encouraged by these tales when they read how the main characters were initially marginalised by their respective communities to later become loved and valued for their individual talents.  You could say they're not fiction at all! 


Let's Get Specific

Further details on each of their storylines with more image samples can be viewed on www.tikabootales.com/publications.  As you can see on my video, I printed a copy of each book to make sure they will look great on your bookshelves.  Final edits will be made to the books when the funding comes in as some levels of the rewards might require amendments.  




Book 1:  Icicle on His Bicycle - The Misunderstood Husky



Book 2:  The Trouble with Traoloch - The Collie with Flair


Book 3:  Scruffy & the Coracle 


Book 4: The Weather Dog       


Book 5: Smidgen & the Bear  


Where Does Your Money Go?

Printing (including ISBN numbers and barcodes) @ €750 per book x 5 = €3,500

Professional proofreading services = €450

Rewards = €650

Misc + Fund it commission

What Makes You Think It Will Work?

I had printed a small number of these three books to sell at a local bookstore as a trial run.  The small print run was expensive per unit but the experiment was worth it:  each copy sold!  So now I think it's time I got them published properly as clearly there is an interest out there in these stories and their message.  With your support, we'll launch these characters into the world!


What's in It for You?

You will help spread a message that alleviates young readers' fear of rejection while also drawing attention to the vulnerability of animals and nature.  You will also have supported the making of projects in Ireland. 



With the amendments needed for the rewards, I am planning for the printed books to be in the post to you by the 1st November 2020, the Celtic New Year, all going well.  Of course, I will keep you up-to-date during each step of the funding and printing process.  After all none of this would be happening without your kindness and support in the first place! 



Thank you for believing that these stories are worth getting out there! These five books are part of a seven-book series in the works so there's a lot more where they came from!

Once again, THANK YOU!!!




Books and rewards sent!

Hi funders!

I posted out your books and other rewards on Friday.  I do hope you like them.  You might even want to keep them yourselves and hide them from children.  Please tell all your contacts in film and animation that Tikaboo Tales would make great films!  

Thanks so very much again for your support and kindness.  

All the best,

Vivienne X

Books in and almost out!

Hi everybody!

My Tikaboo Tales books have been printed and arrived!  Yippee! Your copies and other rewards will soon go out to you.  

Thanks so much again for your generosity!

All the best,

Vivienne X

Changes made and awaiting printing!

Hi folks & funders!

I hope you are enjoying the lovely Autumnal weather although masses of flowers and foliage are still in high bloom here in the Midlands.  

Well, I received payments and the information on which funder gets which reward and so was able to make the amendments to the books and plan the rewards before sending them off to the printer.  They should be with me next week for the initial proofing and if all goes well they'll be finished up soon.  The A4 prints are being made as we speak and they should be here within days!  I can't wait.  So if all goes well and the printer is available still, sending your rewards to you by the 1st November, our Celtic New Year, should indeed still go ahead.  I'll post pics. when they're here.

Thanks very much again for your support for printing and self-publishing my books!  You're rock stars every one of ye!


All the best,

Viv X

Looks like we're now funded!

Hello, dear funders galore!

Firstly, thanks again to every single one of you for your generosity in supporting this campaign to print and self-publish my Tikaboo Tales books.  This morning I received the list of funders and it looks like the printing of the whole series of books is indeed becoming a reality!  Tikaboo herself would be jumping for joy if she were still with us, I'm sure!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be contacting you all individually over the next few days regarding your personal rewards and delivery addresses.  In terms of a timeframe to get the books and rewards to you, as some of the rewards include the listing of names on the ackowledgements page of each book as well as the redesigning of text and imagery, I will take a few weeks to do this before sending them off to the printer as some collaboration will be necessary between, I'm sure, so that we're all happy with and charmed by the end result.

I will keep you posted, of course, and I am still aiming to get your rewards out to you by the 1st November.

I'll be in touch!   Have a lovely Monday.

All the best,


100% Funded!!!

Friends & Friends of Friends!!!
Hurray!!!! Tikaboo Tales will launch upon the world!!
Thanks again for all of your support and funding!!! Thanks especially to you overnight anonymous and named funding fairies for digging deep and reaching out.
I'll be in touch soon with all of the rewards once I know who gets what.
Bless you!
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The Squirrels are coming!

We might even have the squirrels arrive on time when this project is funded.  Thanks for keeping it coming!


3 days left and we're still busy!


Almost there!

It has now been over 4 weeks and we have just over half-way funded!!!   Only one week to go now.  Thanks so much for your contributions and considering this a worthy cause.  

In the meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've been working on two additional tales that I might be able to add to the last book Smidgen & the Bear to make it even more substantial for you all.  That way you'll be getting seven Tikaboo Tales, not just five after all!

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