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The Tunes Foundry 2 (New Compositions)

By Áine Heslin


Hello friends, thank you for checking out my Fund it page!

Firstly, the new album is called The Tunes Foundry 2. Having had positive feedback and amazing reviews of my tunes on the last album (The Tunes Foundry) by teachers and musicians, I am trying something different with the new album. On The Tunes Foundry 2, each track is a single tune. There will be between 25 and 30 tracks - making it easier to pick up new tunes for sessions and recordings, teaching and competing. (Radio presenters could use a track for that last 1.4mins before the news!!)
Secondly, I am publishing a book with new tunes from both The Tunes Foundry and The Tunes Foundry 2 - at least 50 new tunes! This is an exciting aspect of the project for me, and hopefully a worthwhile aid for many.

€4,000 would go a long way to help with:
Recording and Mixing
Music notation
Book publication
Promotional material
launches and postage of rewards

I foresee very few risks if I have the necessary funding. I have not published a book before but am in contact with friends who have, therefore I am confident that I can proceed in the best way.

After self-publishing Breaking Ground (1994), then The Tunes Foundry album (2014) there hasn't been time enough to save for this project ( CD and Tune-book). In order to keep the cost down I am producing the album in a more streamlined manner by just having one accompanist (my husband Matt on guitar) and several solo tracks (easier recording and mixing). The book will be a simple but high quality production.

Have a look to the column on the right - you'll see many different rewards for funders and maybe one that will suit you.

Thank you in advance for having belief in the importance of introducing new music into the community and being Patrons of this new Tune-book and album! 


Follow my progress here, or on https://www.facebook.com/AineHeslinMusic/ - also if you have time to take a look at my website; https://aineheslinmusic.com/ you'll find more information about the previous recordings and updates on this one. Thank you!