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The Turtle’s Shell

By Vincent Eke


Mama’s Tales of Kanji – The Turtle’s Shell

Greetings to all humans – fellow brothers & sisters – and welcome to the Mama’s Tales of Kanji Project. The Mama’s Tales of Kanji is a series of African-themed folklore storybooks, full of wisecracks, fun, age-old wisdom, fantasies and exciting adventures. These stories have been written by myself - Vincent Eke, and currently are in ready-to-publish forms. My books have everything you think an African story book should have plus more. There is an array of animal and human characters setting off on adventures that are full of wit, intrigue, drama, humour, suspense and a lot of Grandmama’s advice that you thought was silly at the time until it made sense to you later.

The books come with beautiful illustrations of the stories and characters that take children (and the child in you) into another world. These are the stories with a bite your mama never told you at bedtime. Imagine reading the wonderful and exciting tales of the wise old turtle, the reason why the lions are the kings of the jungle and why it’s impossible to find a needle in a haystack?

The black and white illustrations have been beautifully crafted so that children can have much fun colouring them in themselves. This makes them an active part of the creative process of the stories.

In return for helping me to achieve this goal of publishing my story books, I have put together once in a lifetime list of exclusive goodies to give out to each of you as a thank you for your help in funding this project. These goodies are for you only. Feel free to invite your friends to donate and become part of the creative process while the project is still live.

Once published, all of my books will be available to buy and download from publishing website - Lionpen Publishing and from your online eBook stores (including Amazon, iBookstore, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo). If you’d like to preview a sample chapter of my book visit website http://www.lionpen.com

The plan is that the hard copy design layout will be done locally, printed by Lightning Source and be readily available in Amazon and other major bookshops in time.

Delivery dates: digital rewards will be sent out as soon as they're ready, so you'll receive your downloadable eBook of the first title before general release. Hard copies of the first book and cover art will go out together as soon as they are ready (I’m hoping for December 2012.)

If you have any queries about this project please contact me. I thank you with a full heart of love for visiting, reading, watching and donating to make our dreams a reality!

May the creative force be with you!

Vincent Eke
Re - Creative Force Writer



Thank You - 10% Funded and 2 Days to go

Thank you to our latest funders for their support: Mark Barry Isekhua Evborokhai The project does not end until it closes in 2 days. So there is still time to support this worthy cause of publishing The Turtle's Shell book. Thank you to all of those who have supported this project so far.

Thank You - 7% Funded and Increasing

Thanks to Gina Eke for her generous donation. It is good to have your support.

Thank You - 4% Funded

Thank you Karen Brown for your support! Yes, this campaign has been slow starting off. But I believe in YOU to join and help me bring this book to reality. If you happen to be in the beautiful City of Cork over the Cork Jazz Festival Weekend then look out for me on the streets as I will be given out flyers and telling people about this project. Please, do come around and give me a big hug. That would definitely make my day and perk my spirit up. More Thanks to the first funders: Michelle Whelan Oak Tree Press Remember: You can get a FREE Chapter Download of The Turtle's Shell from my website - http://www.lionpen.com Thanks to Everyone who has viewed my project here and on my Facebook and Twitter pages. YOU and I are the most powerful force for positive change in this planet!

The First-fruits Is Sown

The first-fruits is sown and the support has officially started. I want to thank Oak Tree Press and Michelle Whelan for your generous donation. Your support is very much appreciated and you will be all smiles when you receive your reward. You too can join in this process to make this book a reality. We can make more people especially kids very happy or perhaps more thoughtful when they read The Turtle's Shell storybook. Thank you once again. Let's Do It! Sincerely Vincent

WOW! The Turtle's Shell Book Project is now LIVE!

Wow, I am so excited to see my book project finally go on live. I want to thank you in advance for supporting me and my book. I am definitely looking forward to giving everyone of you who supports me a great big hug and a gratuitous thank you when I sign your book, art cover rewards and post out them to you. Thank you for joining me to make my dream and that of other children who have already read my manuscripts come true when they hold my published book in their hands. Now enough talk from me. Go and hit the: fund:it button. I will be posting my progress about this project here as well as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and my website Lionpen.com Yes, do tell your friends. They can join in this creative process. Thank you so much. Peace!

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