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The Waiting Room

By Shane Cradock


The Waiting Room is the second play by Shane Cradock, whose previous play, In Two Minds won an award with The Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild.

We believe there is an appetite for a new form of entertainment - entertainment with a purpose. Inspired by my work as a coach and advisor, I created The Waiting Room as a simple way to challenge people’s thinking about the lives they lead.

And if nothing else, it will make people laugh!

The goal is to make it with a professional team and in doing so, provide some jobs to the hard hit theatre sector.

Donal Courtney is set to direct this full length play. Donal is one of the main tutors at the Gaiety School of Acting, and has over 20 years experience as an actor and director.

The play has six actors in it, and the budget to create the play is €14,000. We are looking to raise €7,500 of that through our Fund it campaign. This will go towards securing the wages for the cast of actors. The remaining funds will be raised through sponsorship and other fund raising events.

The more we raise now, the easier it will be to get started quicker!

Any form of support is greatly appreciated. If you are a business owner or MD, we’d like to make you aware of the COMPANY SPECIAL level of support as it includes a very unique 1 day Dramatic Workshop for your team (See rewards to the left)


What's the play about?
The story centres around Mick, an Irish thirty-something living in Dublin. An unexpected occurrence throws Mick into an intriguing series of events, where everything is not as it seems and starts to challenge the way he looks at life. It's fun, it's escapism and it's a bit out there...

Is it any good?
We had a reading of the play, unrehearsed, in front of 80 people - most of which were unknown to the writer. It was going to either crash and burn or succeed. Thankfully it got an amazing reception and it provided the confidence to drive on and make it into a proper production (so if you were one of the people there that night, thank you!).

When Is It On?
Once we get to our funding target, the intention is to put the show on in Dublin - ideally at the end of Autumn, 2013 (Sep/Oct) and who knows from there? Check out our facebook page to stay up to date with all details in connection with the play’s journey from page to stage.