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The Wake - dance film

By The Wake Film


The Wake is a beautiful dance film directed by Oonagh Kearney, looking into female experiences within the house. The film seeks funding to bring it to completion.

The Wake reunites the talent of the RTE Dance on The Box short film 'Her Mother's Daughters' - Cindy Cummings, Jessica and Megan Kennedy, Emma O'Kane and Deirdre Murphy, with one of Ireland’s leading actors Olwen Fouéré.

What horrors and joys lie hidden within ‘the everyday dynamics’ of the house? Based on the various stages of a woman's life, 'The Wake' uses choreography to re-imagine and communicate personal experiences and relationships.

The film received funding from the Irish Arts Council for production in September 2013. We are now looking to finish this beautiful, ambitious film and share it with cinema and festival audiences in 2014. We have some fantastic awards for those who support us, including:
Music, originally composed for the film
Screenings, in a city of your choice (Cork, Dublin or London)
Mementos, such as badges and limited edition posters
Prints, limited edition photographic stills
Dance lesson, with a member of our cast
All gorgeous gifts for the Christmas and New Year!

With an original score being written by RTÉ Lyric FM composer-in-residence Linda Buckley, cinematography by award-winning Matthias Pilz, and choreography led by Oonagh Kearney and Cindy Cummings in collaboration with the cast, our talented cast and crew worked incredibly hard on a small budget to create a striking and powerful film. With your support, we can get over the finishing line. Your contributions will pay for our post-production requirements including: editing, colour grading, sound and music. They will also cover the costs of delivering the film to festivals internationally.

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Oonagh Kearney’s film career began with casting Ken Loach’s ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’ in 2005. After graduating from the National Film and Television School in London, Oonagh cast five more feature films before embarking on a career as a director. Her films often explore characters at emotional and ethical crossroads. She is interested in family, the tensions between our private and public selves and the role of play and imagination in our lives. Since 2009, she has written and directed several award-winning shorts. www.oonaghkearney.com

Matthias Pilz, our director of photography, has worked on several international films, including Tarantino's film 'Inglorious Basterds'. His work has been nominated for numerous European film awards. Most recently he shot the 2013 Best UK Music Video in Animation. www.matthiaspilz.com

Born in Sarajevo, producer Zlata Filipovic has been working in Ireland in the fields of film and TV production for the last seven years. Her recent dance film 'Motion Sickness' won the Audience Award at Corona Cork Film Festival in 2012. Her other projects have won an IFTA, a Radharc award, and have screened at over 70 different festivals worldwide.

To find out more about the work of our talent, please visit:
Olwen Fouéré
Cindy Cummings and Deirdre Murphy
Jessica and Megan Kennedy
Emma O'Kane
Composer Linda Buckley

For the names of the rest of our wonderful crew, please visit our Facebook and website