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The Walker Of The Snow CD

By Sean Tyrrell


Seán Tyrrell here. Welcome to my Fund it page. I am asking you, my supporters, to help me raise some money to go towards the recording, mixing, mastering, and duplication of my new album. With your support it is due for release in May 2012.

In return for your support with this project, you will receive rewards and there are various reward options for your contribution depending how involved you wish to become. You can see the rewards on offer on the bottom left hand side of this page.

In the past I have gone down the route of looking for a record company, but this has proved a bit of a disaster. In order for me to take the next step and see this album join the other CDs on my catalogue. I need a little help from friends of my music to make it happen.

I have already set in motion a tour to follow the launch of the CD in Galway May 2012. The tour will continue throughout the summer and hopefully play many festivals and club gigs both at home and abroad to promote the album.

The songs and tunes have been part of my live performances for quite sometime and many of you would have heard me perform them. Now at last they get their chance to shine and (like my previous CDs) recorded at my home in the Burren to the highest quality by my old sparring partner Colin Boland. The CD represents a lot more of what I do these days. For years I was burying myself behind a wall of other instruments (I suppose due to my lack of confidence in my own ability). Fear not it is not solo, but only accompanied in a sparser style than usual with great performances from musicians who have been playing with me for years and now need to be paid.

I hope when this album is released that Brendan Fricker and Billboard will be of the same opinion as expressed below. Looking forward as always to hopefully meeting you all on this journey. Like the lyrics of the incomparable Tom Paxton whose song I cover on this album; 'I can't help but wonder where I am bound." So onwards and upwards with the Walker.

All your contributions will help make this album a reality.
Please have a look at the various reward options on the bottom left side of this page.

“If you’re lucky you come across a voice like Seán’s once in a lifetime”,
“When he sings I feel alive.” Brenda Fricker (Former Oscar winner).

“The genuine article” Spotlight Review. Billboard (US)

In anticipation, Míle Buíochas, a heartfelt thanks for your continued support on my musical journey.



The Walker Of The Snow

Hello to you all again I have just delivered all your packages with your Cd's to the post office so they should be with you soon. There are some of you who did not send me your postal addresses so if you have not please do soon.Again my thanks to you all and I hope you enjoy what you have made possible and maybe we will meet somewhere along the line as i tour the Walker.

The Walker Of The Snow

Well here I am again to thank you all so much for your great support. The finished master went off to the printing process today and I should have the Eps in a few days. It will be about three weeks before I have copies of the Walker Of The snow. Already i have some of your addresses but there are a lot of you slow to send them to me. In your own time send them on so I can send on your rewards when I have the CD's.It is being launched in Galway on May 25th and a result of Fundit there is a good possibility it will have a USA release in the near future. So all you lazy bones get me your addresses. Seán

The Walker Of The Snow

The reason I have not got back to you since my Fundit project finished is because it was not possible they had some sort of a problem on the Fundit site which did not allow me to update my project. They finally fixed it yesterday. I want to thank all of you who helped me in my Fundit project it surpassed all my expectations. Even if I had not been successful then I would have found some way to get 'The Walker Of the Snow' out into circulation. But what you all did was to give me renewed vigour when I was about to rethink this whole music thing. I love it but it gets hard sometimes when obstacles are thrown in your way some of them went on for six years and sapped me of a lot of energy which I would have loved to have spent in different ways. So your great vote of confidence in me will be appreciated by me for as long as I live. I will be in touch soon about your rewards. Míle Buíochas agus Ádh Mór. Thanks a million and the best of luck. Seán The Cd is now in its final stages getting the mastering, art work and liner notes ready for a release in the Crane in Galway on May 25. Then I will continue to do some gigs around Ireland for the Summer with a tour of the USA in Sept /Oct. 2012. I hope to see you all along the way and make sure if you are at a gig you let me know.

The walker of the snow

How can I thank you all enough for your amazing support. I am still three days away from the deadline and just awhile ago I discovered i have exceeded my target much to my amazement and again profound gratitude. I do not think you will be disappointed with the end result and just today i finished the recording of the five tracks for the EP. Your rewards will be winging there way to you soon. Ádh Mór Seán

The walker of the snow

As you can see from the site we are half the way there. This is a tremendous achievement thanks to all of you who have pledged already. We have now reached a crucial time with 24 days to go and if the target is not reached in this time frame I will have missed the boat. I remain optimistic and I have continued on with the process of getting the album ready for the printer. Colin Boland my engineer and co-producer spent the last few days doing the final mixes and preparing to record the five track EP. We are both extremely proud of our work and once again believe that it is our best so far. So for all you music lovers and those not yet converted, spread the word and give the Walker a new spring in his step.

The walker of the snow

First of all i have to thank all of you who have contributed so far and very gratifying that it is doing so well at this early stage nearly a third of the way there. Just a little update on some of the rewards the cottage will be also available to any one right into the end of 2013. Colin Boland my engineer arrives down on Monday next and we will hopefully put the finishing touches to the mixing and maybe start recording some tracks for the EP.

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