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The West Cork Way

By Ian Bailey


The object of my project is to make available to a wide audience what will be my first collection of poems. I wrote the majority of them during the early 1990's and then as I was about to try and publish then I became parted from them. I thought them lost but recently I rediscovered them hiding away and since January I have been editing, tweaking and perfecting them. I was amazed how they seemed to have stood the test of time. So I have put them together with little back stories explaining how they came to be written. The cover artwork is a painting called "The Sunday Pint". They have been with Inspire printers in Skibbereen and I still have a final proofing to do. The poems cover diverse aspects of Irish life from the growing of barley in Co. Waterford, the trade in livestock in Skibbereen and the  processing of herring in West Cork. The title poem comes from the way many people in West Cork live by doing a number of different jobs as the seasons progress.

This is very much a solo project. I was brought up in Gloucestershire, England where I trained as a journalist before going on to run my own freelance news operation out of Cheltenham where I acted as a news correspondent for local,regional and national newspapers and TV. I was an occasional member of the Sunday Times Insight team and also worked in house for BBC local television in Bristol and HTV West. Over the years I authored thousands of news items. In 1991, having thrice visited West Cork and Ireland I decided to leave London and move here full time. I wrote various stories for the Southern Star and the Cork Examiner as was. All the time I was writing poems and this collection reflects many of those early experiences which included working on a farm at Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford and at a fish factory in Schull.

The reason I have opted for crowd funding is that my life has been a journey and my poetry is an articulation and physical manifestation of that journey. I am now inviting people to join me on that journey by supporting this project. I have covered all of the base cost myself but I now need support to make this long held dream come true.

The majority of the funding, if successful, will go to cover the cost of the initial print run. Other costs include getting a local carpenter to make me bespoke display boxes and the cost of getting an ISBN. The initial print run will come out at close to 2500 Euro.

I do not see many risks and the biggest challenge for me has been to write, gather and proof this collection while dealing with some very difficult personal issues. It has been very much a task of love and I am now very close to making this project a reality. 

Thank you for your support.



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