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The Windstealers by Jane Madden

By Joanna Crawley


Welcome to Ballygweeha, the windiest town in Ireland!
The houses teeter over, the locals walk at an angle into the gusts and no-one’s ever properly lit a fire. When prodigal son Luc Torney returns after ten years to save the town from ruin with a windfarm scheme, he is hailed as a hero. But town layabout Jacinta Nangle smells a rat. A cast of gurriers, property developers and mammies collide in this modern Irish satire on corruption and national character.

The Windstealers, written by Jane Madden and directed by Anushka Senanayake will be a multi-disciplinary, robustly physical production with elements of magic realism and political satire. Imagine “It’s Martin’s Live” meets Ibsen.
Are you blown away?
Because for the magic to happen – we need you to be!

The raging gales might come free in Ballygweeha but to recreate them in Smock Alley Black Box in September we need your support.

Your generous contributions will allow us to create large-scale, modular puppets, multi-layered soundscape and jaw-dropping, notional set design in which everything appears blown askew.

The locals of Ballygweeha have spent their whole lives walking against the wind, but with your help our production will just fly!

To make this happen, our theatre show will incorporate dance and puppetry to enable a feeling of spectacle. Swaddled costumes and props will play a large role in conveying the gales roaring through the town. Meanwhile, a movement director will be working to demonstrate the locals walking the famed half bent-over, sidewards shuffle known as the'Gweeha sidle.

Why do we want to do it?
Because we want to incite a debate about public and civic responsibility. We want to interrogate an Irish sense of national character, to challenge a romantic notion of ourselves as rebellious and anti-authoritarian. We want to satirise a culture of political apathy as much as political corruption and to critique a collective pride in willfulness and audacity. We want to examine the Irish as a society and nation in transition, one that is emerging into a self-reliant state rather than one in a state of rebellion.

But first of all – we want you to enjoy our show!
The script is unapologetically comedic with a densely plotted narrative and irreverent tone. We want to play with whimsy and violence, create something audaciously imaginative, to make our audience laugh but also question themselves.

Ballygweeha is a harsh town; an unforgiving town; some may say a brutal town. But we are kind as a summer breeze and we’ll sweep you off your feet with gratitude!

Creative team:
Jane Madden – writer
Anushka Senanayake – director
Ger Clancy – set designer
Aidan Doheny – stage manager
Dylan Tonge Jones – sound designer
Davey Kelleher – associate director
Mary Sheenan – costume designer
Joanna Crawley – producer
Hanna Bowe – lighting designer



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