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The Year of Magical Wanking

By Philly Mc


Last year THISISPOPBABY commissioned Neil Watkins to write a new play for two performances within our Queer Notions arts festival. Upon first reading we knew we had something extraordinary on our hands. Written in hypnotic verse, this brave and heartbreaking piece is both a profound personal journey and a furious state-of-the-nation address. Two performances would not be enough.

Watch Neil HERE: bit.ly/YOMW2011

This is a story that had not been told before on the Irish stage and one that urgently needs to be brought to a wider audience. A story of internet porn addiction, destructive sexual behaviour and social isolation. It’s also a story that hasn’t gone away - one of Catholic guilt, crippling gay shame, living with HIV and the search for love and intimacy.

We want to bring this groundbreaking story to full production at ABSOLUT Fringe 2011, making it the most talked about theatrical event of the festival, while inspiring, challenging and exhilarating as many people as we can squeeze into the theatre!

If you joined us at Queer Notions 2010, you will know all about the mid-show power cut, the urgent evacuation from Project Arts Centre, the rousing performance on the snowy streets, and the sustained standing ovation.

You will know that Neil is one of Ireland’s most exciting artists, and one of our most incendiary performers. Somebody who consistently challenges the status quo and provides unforgettable nights out. He is a maverick. A force of nature. A 33-year-old homosexual with a Jesus complex.

Operating outside of any established support structures, Neil has created history as Heidi Konnt (unforgettable winner of Alternative Miss Ireland 2006) and host of WERK in the Abbey Theatre (Sunday Times Best Night Out 2010). He stole the show in THISISPOPBABY at Electric Picnic (2009/2010) and has written/directed a number of sold-out plays in Dublin Fringe.

This year, we want to bring Neil’s inspiring and poetic story to a much wider audience. We have been invited to perform as part of ABSOLUT Fringe and we need €6,000 to make this happen. This will be used specifically to bring the creative team into the rehearsal room for three weeks in August, reworking the script and developing the set, costume and sound elements.

The Year of Magical Wanking team is: Neil Watkins (writer / performer), Phillip McMahon (director), Ciarán O’Melia (designer) and Jennifer Jennings (producer). The show has selected sounds from electronica artist Oberman Knocks. THISISPOPBABY is a theatre and events production company dedicated to ripping up the space between popular culture, counter culture and high art.

Some praise for The Year of Magical Wanking at Queer Notions 2010:

"A brave and piercing display...both caustic and considered, a seething personal autobiography which, under Phillip McMahon’s bracingly unsentimental direction, is transformed into a more capacious metaphor for disaffection and regeneration...heartbreaking" Irish Theatre Magazine

“Truthful, heartfelt and immediately identifiable…astonishingly brave” - Queer Notions festival highlight. The Irish Times

You will not be disappointed!

A HUGE thanks for your help,

Neil, Phillip, Ciarán & Jenny.



A Message from Neil:

Dear Funders of The Year of Magical Wanking. Some words from the Wanker. My Friends, the hugs are coming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this project. This website is providing artists like me with an amazing opportunity to get their work up and on. So thanks for taking the time to share your hard earned cash with me. I'm genuinely delighted to see the list of names of patrons, old friends and new, grow on our Fund It page. Our community of artists and patrons is strong. Sometimes I think why the hell am I at pursing this project. By my own volition I reveal every single shameful act and fact about me in mostly poetry form. Why? I must be mad. But I keep going back to the response in the Queer Notions festival. This is without doubt a very personal confession. And I do believe its healthier out than in. And I hope that in revealing my own despair, albeit, I hope, in an entertaining way, that I give voice to issues that human beings have no real business being ashamed of. Its been a healing experience to let go in this way. I'm self conscious. My working class Irish chip on the shoulder fears I sound like a wanker. But let's bite the bullet. The value of art in society is that in this case it can help relieve the despair. The audience feels less of an outsider and more part of a shared experience. We are all outsiders in one way or another. And its not always easy to secure financial aid for work that holds such an extremely outside perspective. Especially in a show about chronic masturbation to S&M Porn. Now in my world that should fill every seat. But we're all different I guess. My name is Neil Watkins and I'm addicted to making theatre. Thanks for enabling me. Love Neil.

One Week Down!

Between the website launch and our social media campaign to alert people to our Fund It page, it's been a hectic 7 days. We're bang on target after a week, so feeling really encouraged by that and indeed all the projects floated at the moment sem to be doing well. People I've spoken to in person have given the site and process really good feedback and I think people are genuinely into the idea of crowdfunding. It changes the dynamic of play making in a huge way - for us it's creating an early conversation with an audience and also filling us with a sense of responsibility to those pledging money. It's great! If you want to get in touch with any feedback or questions, give us a shout on tomorrow@thisispopbaby.com

What A Week!

If you're reading this then you've already experienced the delights of this charming and incredibly easy to use website. We have to extend our congratulations to Business2Arts and indeed the designers for a revolutionary and effing beautiful site. It's an incredible achievement which we hope will enhance the way art is funded but also the way in which audiences and artists communicate. As you can see from our progress bar, we've had the most encoraging few days with our project leading the roost of brilliant flagship Fund It projects. We're incredibly grateful, but also encouraged by the idea of people believing that this project needs to be seen - which it absolutely does. To those who have dug deep already - there's an untold amount of good karma and magical hugs coming your way. Keep spreading the word! And for those that haven't experienced the delights of the kid with the Jesus complex - here's Neil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKUe2dJiSAM LOVE & RESPECT Philly

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