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@TheDrawingRoom is an exciting new project designed to develop the public’s awareness of architecture, culture and heritage through a series of events in some of Dublin’s finest Georgian town houses. It aims to provide an alternative to the concert hall or gallery setting for audiences to enjoy music and art.

The aim of the project is to invite an audience into selected houses and to encourage the audience to interact and engage with the performances as well as with the architecture of each venue. The @TheDrawingRoom series stimulates people’s innate sense of curiosity, giving the audience an opportunity to explore the various homes, their beautiful interiors and interesting histories.

What’s on?
To launch @TheDrawingRoom, we are holding an exhibition in No.12 Henrietta Street this October. For this exhibition we are showcasing contemporary artworks in one of Dublin's finest Georgian houses during the Open House Weekend (4-6 October). This first exhibition will be free to the public and so we need your help.

Amongst the grand rooms of No 12 Henrietta Street we will be presenting a delightful mix of art works from new and established artists:

Multimedia installation by Pierre Jolivet as Pacific 231
Photography by Fiona Hackett
Ceramics by Claudia Stedmond
Painting by Hugh Madden
Architecture by Practice
Furniture design by Alan Meredith
Photography by Aoife O'Sullivan and Janet Williams

Examples of the artwork can be found on our website

Why does @TheDrawingRoom need your help?
We have no doubt that this is going to be a fantastic show. @TheDrawingRoom is intent on invigorating the cultural life of Dublin’s North Georgian Quarter. But we need your help!

This Fund it campaign is for ONE WEEK only.
It is a two-tier Fund it Project. The first €700 we raise will fund our initial exhibition in Henrietta Street and will cover production and equipment costs, as well as the production of a small booklet. Any and all monies above our goal of €700 will be used for further projects, including a November jazz night and a classical music weekend in April.

As we are a tiny organisation, all your money will go to the series. We gratefully acknowledge the support of An Taisce, Cloney Audio and CompuB in our endeavours. But we are completely reliant on YOUR support and goodwill so PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN so that we can continue to deliver excellent, interesting and innovative art to the North Georgian Quarter.

Thank you very much for your help!



It's all over....for now!

Hello everyone, Thank you all for your help and support, and to those who came along to the exhibition, I hope you enjoyed it. We were delighted at the success of our first event, photos are now up on our website and facebook page. We are now looking forward to our next evening, jazz@TheDrawingRoom at 3 Mountjoy Square 10th November 5.30pm. Tickets and details etc available on our website www.thedrawingroom.info We hope you have all received your awards by now. For anyone who hasn't don't worry they are on their way, the last batch is going out tomorrow. If you didn't have a chance to request your print from us, drop me an email and I'll make sure to send it on. aine@thedrawingroom.info Thank you again, Áine

Day Five

Thank you all for your support so far. It's now Day 5 and we are nearing the end of our campaign. So far we have 90% of our initial €700 target. Great news! We've also been getting some more online coverage from the Innovation Academy and IrishArtBlog. http://www.innovators.ie/p/currentstudents&c=639 http://irishartblog.com/2013/08/31/atthedrawingroom/ Don't forget to spread the word! We are almost at our target and would love to go above it, there's still plenty of time left! The more we raise the more events we can organise for you. Any questions? Drop me an email at aine@thedrawingroom.info Thank you again Áine

Day Two

Thank you all for your support so far. It's now Day 2 and we have already reached over 40% of our initial €700 target. It's looking good! We've also been getting some online coverage in theJournalist.ie and CuriousCasa.com http://thejournalist.ie/entertainment/art-atthedrawingroom/ http://curiouscasa.com/the-drawing-room/ Don't forget to spread the word! To give you an idea, the festival needs at least €5,000 to run a monthly event from September-June. The more we raise the more events we can organise for you. Any questions? Drop me an email at aine@thedrawingroom.info Thank you again Áine

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