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THEME TUNE BOY RotLD Album Manufacture

By Themetuneboy


Hi there, Niall here AKA Theme Tune Boy. Thanks for taking the time to look at TTBs appeal for your support in getting my album manufactured and out into the light of day. This album has been taken longer than I thought or it ought to bring to the chopping block but dammit it's nearly there. It's recorded, it's mixed, it's mastered. So this is a completely fat-free funding appeal for not a button more than the cost of manufacturing the units of the album.

I've had to surround myself with, and enlist the help of, some very talented people to make myself sound good but you know what? ... I think we cracked it! Take a bow René, Eddy and Bert from Cooper on the Dutch end of the mic for storming performances. Being efficiently Dutch they'd their parts done in a few days and then had to watch months turn into years for me to finish mine. I've sometimes imagined Dutch folk asking them...
"Is the Irish guy ye're working with finished his parts yet?
Why not?
Well ...he's Irish..."

Thanks also to the Irish TTB crew including Mark whose piano pours REM-Betweens gravy all over No Where on the album and the two Kierans who could've had an alternative take on the entire record on the shelves before I'd finished my warm-up warbles.

Anyway, the begging bowl routine is just the first two minutes of the video so if you can stick with it without getting sick of my gimpy, Dermot O'Leary-esque "help us dig a well in Africa" face then the rest of it is actually the title track of the album with the rewards restated and explained a bit.

Thanks for your time folks, all the very best. Niall/TTB

Here's a bit of PR:
Theme Tune Boy is the most recent incarnation of Niall Quinn, who gained mini-infamy in the late 90’s as drummer/songwriter with The Hitchers who’s two UK/Ireland LP releases won much critical acclaim and support from such luminaries as the late John Peel (for whom they recorded a session) and his contemporary DJs like Steve Lamacq (Lamacq Live Session from Belfast), Bob Geldof, Sean Hughes and a host of others.

Earlier again in life Quinn had founded ‘The Cranberry Saw Us’ with the Hogan bros and as a departing gift following his short stay as vocalist –introduced them to their new singer Dolores.

His first album in over a decade The Return of the Living Dead will be released on January 19th 2013.

Recorded between Limerick and The Hague the album features Quinns rabid rants swept along by Coopers insanely energetic, ridiculously tight juggernaut of power-pop and pounding punk.



The half-way mark.

Niall/TTB here just to say thanks so much to you all for your support. This fundit has passed the half way mark in it's duration and the two thirds mark in it's target so we're ahead of the curve anyway. I'll be in touch again after november 12th when we reach the finishing line, hopefully fully funded by then and with a view to arranging the delivery of your various rewards. Many thanks again, Niall/TTB

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