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This Rising Tide Ep Appeal

By This Rising Tide


We Are This Rising Tide, an Alternative Hard Rock Band from Galway.  We have been together for over a year now and its a great experience,  meeting new people and spreading our music. Our motto has always been about having fun and trying to provide the best music we can to our fans,and we would like to continue to do that.

As with alot of things setbacks happen,and this is why we need your help to make this Ep happen,with rising costs of being in a band, it isn't always easy and generally we always try to do things out of our own pocket but we need your help to make this happen.

The Ep is going to be produced by Ciaran O'Shea (Ex-Cyclefly) who has done some fine projects and produced some top quality bands including Time Is A Thief, Mako, Echogram & The Frank And Walters.  So every cent of your pledge will be spent on the finest quality of work including the recording, mixing & mastering of the Ep plus the Cd Duplication, we want to make this the best Ep possible.

Once this Ep is released we plan on a big home town show followed by a nationwide tour to promote the ep.

We have Made our Single "Drown" free which we released In April as bonus for checking the Appeal Out - you can download it from it http://thisrisingtide.bandcamp.com/

We, This Rising Tide, want to thank you for every penny you pledge -  it means more to us then anything in the world, your continued support is what makes all we do worth it, from the bottom of our hearts

Thank You
Darren,Bekka & Dean.



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