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Thom Moore new album & Live DVD/CD

By Silverwood Studios


My name is Gavin Ralston and I'm managing this fundit campaign on behalf of Thom Moore. He has a fantastic collection of newly penned songs ready to record, if only the  funding could be made available. I've been a huge personal  fan of his music for many years,  & am as enthused as he is at the prospect of releasing an entirely new album at the tender age of 68.

For those of you unfamiliar with Thom here's some background information on his musical career thus far:  he is probably best known as an Irish songwriter, with hit songs for Mary Black such as Carolina Rua and Prayer for Love, and for Maura O'Connell the likes of The Scholar and Saw You Running, as well as such generally-recorded classics as Cavan Girl.  What is probably less well known is that his first two records on the fledgling Mulligan Records of the 1970s, Pumpkinhead and Midnight Well, were rave critical successes at release and have become cult classics in Irish music circles. His last album was Gorgeous and Bright released in 1994.
I myself grew up listening to his Midnight well album on my  home Hifi so when we first met him I gladly offered him some free time in my studio as I was eager to work with him. Thom was delighted with both the offer & the recognition. That was 8 years ago and since then he has written some truly amazing songs and we've recorded close to 20 of them in various different demo forms with guest musicians here and there but what it really needs is a band together and a block of studio time to complete the whole process as a focused body of work instead of odd days & stop starts.
We have been in contact with record & distribution companies over the years but have have been unsuccessful in securing sufficient backing to complete the album despite overwhelmingly positive feedback.

So when I first read about fundit I though it was the perfect opportunity to complete the project and to add to it with a live DVD & CD in tribute to Thom with some musical friends featuring all his best songs performed in his wonderfully unique way.
The money will be used to complete the recording, mixing and mastering of a new studio album, produce a Live DVD & CD from album launch gig and artwork and manufacturing costs.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and support a wonderful singer songwriter.



Thom Moore Album release

Finally after nearly 9 years since Thom & I first started to record and 14 months since we started the fundit campaign, we've finished a 17 track album featuring songs from the last 20 years of Thom's life as well as the original Cavan girl recording from the 1970's. The album features performances from Seamie O Dowd on fiddle/guitar/vocals, Steve Wickham on fiddle, Brian Connor & Seamus Brett on piano, Fiachra Trench on Hammond organ, Aongus Ralston on bass, Tom Domican on drums, Robbie Harris on percussion as well as Thom & I. The delay over the last 12 months was primarily to facilitate the extra songs to bring it up to 17 tracks for the album. This coupled with trying to get everyones diaries in sync and then finally editing & mixing all this wonderful music obviously delayed matters so I'm sorry. I started the whole project out of love for Thom's music born from a very young age so I wasn't going to let this album go until it reached the level of respect that I felt it needed so for your patience I thank you. I hope to see you all at the album launch in whelans on the 22nd april where we'll be recording it for video and a live album. Gavin ps for anyone who hasn't been receiving updates from Thom directly please email me so we can add you to the mailing list gavin@silverwoodstudios.com

Message from Thom

Here I sit, unbroken-hearted indeed ... I never expected such an outpouring of what looks like belief in my artistic capacity. The people that I have thought of as my friends, through the various stages of my life, still look like they don’t mind being thought of as my friends – particularly if that means putting their money where their mouths are: my ‘groups’ of life experience include the community of people who went to the same school I did in Beirut, in the 50s and 60s ... the people I served with in the US Navy (all of us anti-war, anti-Vietnam, and then victims to both sides in the US conflict) ... the people I went to UCLA with (hmmm, actually, there ain’t no such at the moment...), the people I worked with and taught in the San Fernando Valley in the 80’s, the people I worked with in OSIA, both in California and Russia ... but most, and most gloriously of all .. the Irish, who have supported me when no one else did, from when I moved to Sligo in 1972 to when I finally made it back to Ireland in 1995, till the present: I am pleased that the Irish government accepted me as as Irish citizen (finally!) in 2002 ... but most of all, I am precipitately aware of how my music is thought to be Irish: thank you, thank you, thank you: it is, it was intended to be, and, god willing, like Cavan Girl or Carolina Rua ... it always will be. Thank god, and thank you ...

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