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By Eilis Mernagh


Michelle, a well-off bank manager’s wife, and her two teenage children have been taken captive at their home by a tiger kidnap gang. The gang have taken her husband to his bank so that he can withdraw a large sum of money and hand it over. Meanwhile, Michelle and the kids are tied to chairs in the living room of their luxurious, secluded house and guarded by two members of the gang. One gang member takes the opportunity to take a nap but the younger man, Tony, keeps a close eye on the family. It isn’t long before the belligerent, intelligent young kidnapper and the snobbish Michelle are engaged in a battle of wits that can only have one victor.

The film is scheduled to shoot later this month. Once it’s been shot, the intention is to start with a screening at a Dublin cinema later in 2012, then enter it for film festivals in Ireland and abroad, before approaching TV distribution companies.

Tiger will cost €2,500 to produce. We already have part of this budget in place and we are going ahead with the shoot on this funding. We need to raise another €1,500 to make the film ready for screening.

Just to give you some background on this project: the script – written by myself, Eilis Mernagh – was shortlisted for the short script competition at the Waterford Film Festival in November 2011. It will be directed by award-winning director Cathal Nally, who is also co-producing the film with me.

I have written several feature scripts and two other shorts, one of which was produced by the Darklight Film Festival in October 2009. One of my feature scripts won the Atlantis Award for Feature Screenplay at the Moondance Film Festival in Colorado last September.

Cathal has directed four short films, including Voices, for which he won Best Director at the Underground Cinema Festival 2011. His script The Retreat was also a screenplay finalist at the Waterford Film Festival in 2011.

The cast includes actresses Vivienne Connolly and Cerys Hughes and actors Stephen Cromwell and Jamie Gleeson-Dunn.

For more information - and to read a copy of the script, check out my blog.