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To print Jewellery Box Hardback Book

By Daragh Muldowney


Hi there, my name is Daragh Muldowney and Jewellery Box - Ireland’s Hidden Gems is an exhibition of photographic images that I shot around the coast of Ireland. I traveled all 17 of these counties and photographed the beautiful colours and shapes within. These ranged from different types of seaweeds to Anemone, Limpets and more.

Accompanying the exhibition there was a small paperback companion which was very popular but there was repeated requests from clients and friends to turn it into a larger formatted hardback book with the images at a bigger size. So, with a designer involved, I set about redesigning the book to make it a lasting and contemporary take on coastal photography in Ireland with the long term view to showcase Ireland’s diverse coast internationally. I have luckily now been invited to exhibit the collection in the Irish Embassy in New York.

This new book will have 144 pages which is 40 more than the companion, it’s overall dimension will now be 310mm x 255mm. There will be 67 images which means plenty of new unseen material. There will be a designed dust cover and more thought and design to the overall look and feel. 10% of the profits will go to ‘Friends of the Earth’.
I plan to print 1000 books which will cost me €8,700 in the printing, and €1,500 in design costs and the great news is that I will be using an Irish printing company called Castle Print in Galway!

The overall purpose of this body of work is to get more people out to the coast to protect and enjoy the natural resource that surrounds us all.
We have a particularly unique coastline for such a small island and the images that you will see in the book are accessible to us all. Just take a spin out to your closest coast at low tide and explore the wonders within. The infinite and diverse beauty that you will find among these hidden pools will ignite a warming light in your spirit that breathes a deep satisfaction to be connecting, once again, with our beloved nature.

Visit my website to find out more and see the whole collection: www.dulra.com