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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

Our warm “Thank you!” on social media and a special mention in the program.

€25 +

A private online access to one of the interviews (with an astronauts, astrophysicists, space industries and potential future colonists of Mars) conducted by dr Niamh Shaw in preparation to the show. Also – a signed program, in which you’ll find your name listed among our supporters!

€50 +

A print of one of the enchanting photos by Naoise Culhane (recipient of the Press and PR QEP - Qualified European Photographer Award and many other) – check our website www.tospace20014.com to choose your favourite! Two tickets to a performance of Niamh Shaw’s impro-comedy group Craic Pack. Plus all above.

€200 +

A poster designed with the usage of glow-in-the-dark ink by Sarah June Fox. Plus: Naoise Culhane’s photo, online access to one of the interviews, two tickets to Craic Pack’s show, signed program, our warm “thank you”… - ah, what a list!

€500 +

A framed photo by Naoise Culhane, two tickets to the opening of “To SPACE! Perchance to Dream” (9th of September). On the opening night will also offer you a glass of wine after the show and shower you with all the rewards listed above.

a project by:
Joanna Crawley

Let’s look at Space through a different lens: The lens of personal stories of everyday dreamers and us – who soon might be confronted with a necessity to leave the planet.

The Earth has served its purpose, it's time to find another place to exploit.
200 thousands volunteers from all over the world who applied for 'Mars-One' mission are already training to become the first colony on Mars in 2015. The scientists are running the final tests of technology designed to send them. Ready or not, this is happening.

Scientist and performer, Dr. Niamh Shaw, has been preparing herself for space travel from the age of eight.
Her diaries of her childhood in Dundalk give colourful accounts of her trials to imitate the regime of an astronaut. This year she decided to fulfil her goal.

She spent months interviewing astronauts, astrophysicists, space industries and potential future colonists of Mars. Now, in a multimedia immersive performance that buzzes with new technologies, she explores the beauty, darkness and humanity of Space.
What is our attraction to Space? What are we chasing - or escaping from?

Director Ronan Phelan, who recently enchanted the public with Stephen Sondheim’s provocative, darkly comic musical, 'The Assassins' (Rough Magic, SEED’s showcase), and 'Lambo' – grotesque story on late Gerry Ryan’s and first Irish reality broadcasting, says:
“To SPACE is not only about the dream, but also about the costs of pursuing it”.

'To SPACE' involves highly engaging visual and sound effects – work of Niamh Shaw, Conor Lonergan (who created an amazing horror survival game,'Labyrinth', for last year’s Dublin Fringe Festival) and Michael McNamara. It introduces the audience to the realistic possibility of human colonization of Mars and to Ireland’s involvement in Space Exploration.

Created in association with CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork, Science Foundation Ireland, and ESERO Ireland, it’s an informal, cross-curricular lecture/performance theatre piece to form a personal documented journey of deep passion for Space whilst also demonstrating the enormity of the human effort for space travel.

With your help we can not only complete and perfect this multimedia, entertaining and interrogative show but also present it at science festivals all over the world. We’ll be able to build software that translates astrophysical data into sound and image and create a visual environment that will play with your senses and transport you into the furthest corners of Space.

Thanks to you we’ll get on board the most talented experts, specializing in 3D projections, sound sonic installations and animation and supply them with the right equipment.
Your support will also give us a chance to better promote the show and reach larger audience, broadening the understanding of Space exploration and politics behind it.
This is a crucial moment for our project. We've gathered loads of exclusive visual material, now we struggle to get and create the best devices that will bring it to you.
Support us!

'To SPACE' will premiere this September in the Dublin Science Gallery.