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Tremoya - EP Recording and Distribution

By Tremoya


Tremoya are an instrumental group originating in Monaghan, where we met in secondary school and began playing music at 15 years old. Our sound has evolved numerous times and now, we feel it has matured into something that we would be happy putting everything behind and setting it to CD. In the past few months, the band has relocated to Dublin, acquired a new member and played a number of gigs around the city centre. Our natural place has been on the stage, but we feel now we must concentrate on releasing an EP.

To date, we have recorded only two songs as demo tracks early last year, one of which has been recently placed on a compilation CD that sold well throughout Ireland.

The money raised for this project would go to putting the artwork together, the recording and mastering of 3-4 tracks, the duplication and distribution of an EP. We have the material and the general consensus after playing the newest songs live is that we HAVE to record them! As we’re all in our final year of college, exams and projects have taken most of our focus, with your help we can get a head start on getting a recording together and taking Tremoya a step further!

With the funding from this project we begin recording in July, send the tracks to get mastered, and plan to have all the artwork and duplication done to set a release date in August! So please help us out, find us on facebook to find out when our next gigs are, hopefully you’ll help us get funded! We would love to play personal gigs for you during the summer, it would be fantastic!

Many thanks from Chris, Damien, Sam and Matthew



First Day Live!

First day live! Lets do this guys! I assure you, once these tracks are recorded, you'll be impressed with the end result!

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