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TRIANGLES. There are three corners on a triangle. There are three characters in this play.

In a journey through a disbanded world of physical and psychological decay we meet Bread, Muesli and Chair as they scramble through their daily routine. When confined to one room, relationships can be hard and they don’t always get it right. But it’s just fun and games and when directed by Bread, what could go wrong?

Submerge yourself in this fantastically absurd world, created by memories and games. With this masterfully scripted piece of new writing from Ciara Smyth TRIANGLES is sure to knock the socks off any comedy lover this Summer.

If at first you don't succeed try, try TRIANGLES!


Not actually strippers. Theatre company. Repeat, not strippers.

Sad Strippers Theatre are Laura Brady, Meg Healy and Ciara Smyth. They have produced two plays since they started in 2014. Predominantly performing Ciara Smyth’s new writing, Sad Strippers have performed Pour It Out (2015) and TRIANGLES (2016) in Smock Alley Theatre’s Boys School, Dublin. Sad Stripper’s work lives in a world between comedy and theatre. They are an incredibly tight ensemble and a force to be reckoned with!


We normally pride ourselves on working and creating on a shoe string budget. However, this year we are taking an extended version of our current show on tour to Galway, Wicklow and Dublin. This brings new costs for us like travel, requiring microphones (non theatre venues) etc. and as we are unfunded, we're relying on the kind hearts, souls and support of the public!


All of the €800 raised will be put towards expenses like technical costs, printing of promotional material and programmes, creating our set/props/costumes and to all the little bitty things that pop up while running a show. Your support means the show will look and feel the best it possibly can.

We're excited to travel with TRIANGLES this summer and naturally will come across new challenges. It's a step in the right direction for us as we stretch out to new audiences. Laughter is an important thing to spread and that's all we want to do!

So from one Stripper's heart to the next we truly appreciate you the hard working public to help out in any way you can Whether it's a few euros, a like on Facebook or a share on Twitter we will be forever grateful!



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