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Triangular Brush On Tour

By Triangular Brush Jojo Hynes


Gold and Purple: The Patrons Edition

We would like to invite you to be a patron of Triangular Brush.

With the naiveté and starry-eyed ambition of an aspiring art jazz band, we take every possible opportunity to show work together. This often means making an atmosphere/exhibition/event within spaces that do not usually function as a gallery space. The challenge then becomes how to make this space work with the artworks that we are showing.

We are delighted to have the amazing opportunity to go on tour and we have been accepted to have shows in Dublin, Budapest, London, Kosovo and Galway. We are seeking funding to assist with materials; transportation of art works; travel; installation; exhibition openings and the promotional costs for each of these shows.

We want to keep in touch with you about what we’ve been up to and what your support has enabled us to achieve, so along with your reward we will also send you a PDF about each show with images and documentation from the exhibition.

The exhibitions we will be doing are as follows:

‘The Unofficial Parade'
In conjunction with A4Sounds, this exhibition will take place at MART gallery in Dublin on March 14th.

‘Pink Sole- The Concert of Art Works'
This exhibition will take place at Labor gallery in Budapest, Hungary, on 8th May. Artworks will become the band, the gallery the stage and back stage for the performance of the work.

‘Artserella Lavoricious’
ArtsLav gallery is a Victorian public lavatory in Kennington, London. We will give this space a makeover for the evening, transforming its name and image with a glamorous new look. This exhibition will take place on 4th July.

‘The Marble Cave of Gadime’
We will travel to ‘The Marble Cave of Gadime’ in Kosovo in September. We have been invited by the Cave Director to hold an exhibition within this space. We will invite people from the surrounding area to our opening, which we hope will be a lively event for the village.

‘Darker half’
In October our Jazz Art Band will travel to Galway in the West of Ireland to create a one night event once darkness has fallen.

Triangular Brush is an Art Jazz Band.

The main band members are Jojo Hynes (Ire), Annelie Fawke (UK) and Joanne Newman (UK). We enjoy making exhibitions as events together as Triangular Brush, however we make very different works as individuals and feel it is important to maintain our independence from each other. We have likened ourselves to a band of musicians where we each have the freedom to explore our own ideas and play very different sounding 'instruments', whilst at the same time being able to enjoy coming together to create a temporary atmosphere. Triangular Brush invites other artists as special guests to join us for different exhibitions. Over the last two years we have hosted exhibitions and events for numerous emerging artists.