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Tribe, A Portrait Of Galway

By Reg Gordon Photography


Looking at the news and TV it seems as though Ireland is a country that is sinking.
All the coverage is about people that are leaving. We are losing people at a terrific rate.

That's not what this project is about.

TRIBE : is a celebration.

It is all about the people who contribute to the character of one of Irelands most popular counties.
A county I am very proud to call home.
Galway is unique, it is the diversity of people that make the county what it is.
It opened the first theatre outside Dublin in the 70's ( Druid - Garry Hynes is in the book).
It created Macnas (they're in there) and the Galway Arts Festival (they're in there too). There are also many people who, though they could live anywhere choose to live here.

I have poured my heart and soul into this project over the last 12 months have driven out at all hours and over all terrains to make it happen and along the way I have met many, many people who I am now glad to call friends. I have learned what makes Galway tick.

With that in mind I want to bring this project to its natural conclusion. What was originally an internet based project has now changed into one that I feel demands more permanence. The internet is a great place to while away a couple of hours but the permanence of a book is something that still can't be beaten.

I want to create a beautiful document, something that will live on long after I, and the subjects are gone.

For that all to happen I need to spend €15,000. I am investing some of my own money, but I need €6,000 to help get this project over the line.  I have hired a design team to fill in the blanks and add the subtle tweaks that designers do.  I have the PDF in front of me right now. It looks beautiful and totally unique.  It is also being printed locally so the money is going back into the community.

Lets celebrate community!

Thank you  in advance for your support.

Reg Gordon.