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Tucan Second Album

By Tucan


Hey Folks,

We feel that it's about time we released another record. We hope that you feel the same way and that you are willing to help us in a huge way by funding the record, or “pre-ordering” it. We have already started recording this new project and have invested all our money in it. We still need extra funding to get the project finished and released.

This new project involves an expanded band that includes a brass section, violin, electric guitars and vocals, as well as a new musical direction, evident at some our our recent big-band shows. We have chosen to work with producer/musician Torsten Kinsella from the band “God is and Astronaut”. We also hope to collaborate with some vocalists, both Irish and international.

We have already invested a lot of time and money in this project and we really believe in its merit. But we need your help to fully finance it. We understand that everybody is broke at the moment and that it can be difficult to part with your money. But, we really appreciate any and all support that we get and hope that some of you will see worth in the project and the rewards that we are offering.

Help us stay independent and if you can't donate please spread the word

Thanks a million from all of Tucan

More About Tucan:
Tucan are to some, the band that represent all things original in the Irish music scene. Always carving their own path to destinations determined by their musical mastery. Their live shows developed to a cult status and their Electric Picnic shows made them known as one of those bands whose festival performances are a once in a lifetime experience.
Their music is a unique blend of genres that display an accomplished instrumental sound.
Tucan are also multi-media artists. Recently, their series of video interpretations of 90’s and 00's dance classics were huge YouTube hits for them!



Looks like we made it..!! Thank You

We are delighted that we have reached our target.. Thank you all so much for your support - it means the world to everyone in the band. The Fund:it campaign is still running for another 2 days and we are still offering the rewards. We will also be making a brand new video to coincide with the release of the new record. Thanks a million guys, The Tucan lads

Only 7 Days to go

Hey, Firstly we would like to thank all of you for pledging to our campaign. We are very excited about making this record and it means so much to us that all of you have supported it at this stage. As you may know if we fail to raise the full 5000 euro we will have to return all the pledges and we won’t get anything from fund:it. So now with 1 week to go we are turning to the 87 most amazing people we know to ask if you could spread the word. If you know anyone who likes Tucan or might be able to make a pledge over the next week could you please direct them towards the fund:it page. Here is the link to it. http://www.fundit.ie/project/tucan-second-album We would be very greatful if you could post this on facebook or whatever social media tickles your fancy. a thousand thank you's, The Tucan lads

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