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'Twilight Cabaret'

By Caroline Hart


HART & PUNCH comprise 2 members, namely Hart and Punch. That is, Caroline Hart and Damian Punch, 2 clowns who were set free by Simon Edwards of The Actor's Space. He made us do stuff that we were not ashamed to do on our own. And then, he made us do it in front of people. And they laughed and we liked it so we did it again. And now we want to do it all over the place. We call it 'Twilight Cabaret'.

Those of you who saw the short form of this play will remember how much fun we all had. Well, now, we intend to expand it to a full length piece( with a little help from you). Simon Edwards will once again be waving the magic wand as director and after a two week rehearsal at 'The Actor's Space' and a week back here in Ireland, we hope to do a tour of Cork County (with a little help from your good selves), in July and August of this year. We will provide dates the minute we have them.

For those of you that might not have seen the short form of this play, I will elucidate( big word! ).
'Twilight Cabaret' is a tragi/comic play in the form of the theatre clown. It focuses on two simple souls struggling through a fraught relationship both off and, ultimately, on stage. It's an unusual form of theatre that relates at times directly to it's audience and is always listening to the audiences reactions. Don't worry we don't sit on you or anything but we do take our cues from your reactions.

Through intrepid means and kind sponsors we have raised some funds. But, to realise the full potential of this piece, we are asking for your help to fund production and a short tour of a large county. Please help us bring this little gem to a wider audience.

Thanking you,
Caroline and Damian



WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We reached our target, folks! And more! Heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to this campaign. Can't thank you enough. Simon arrives tomorrow for our production week. We'll be working on the sound and lighting and we still have to nail the end but 'Heigh Ho', we'll get there! It's amazing what you can do with the support of your friends. We hope that we can return the favour to any of you artists out there, when you need our help. Together we can make things happen. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Well folks, we're up to the €1000 mark. I am knocked out by people's generosity and kindness. In one day I was able to source a rehearsal space and a small lighting rig for our production week, all thanks to other people's kindness and support. Oh dear, I'm getting a bit weepy! Simon is back on Irish soil soon and we hope to have the whole thing completed by June 2nd. Then it's off on the tour to show it off to all you lovely people!

Back in the Emerald Isle...

Home now and gearing up for production week. WE HAVE A SHOW! So excited. Am busy trying to source lights and find a rehearsal venue for the production week. Thanks so much for the support so far. :)

Penultimate Day

Well, its the penultimate day of rehearsals here at The Actor´s Space. Worked on a new beginning and tightened up the end. It´s been a joy! Back to Ireland on Wednesday and working towards production week. Hope to have it finished by June 2nd. thanks for your support!


Had our first limp through today.......and although it was rather too limp we now know the story works (with a few tweaks). Can´t wait to get the sound and lights going, that´ll be done back in Ireland in a few weeks and then, hey presto, we´re in business!

Half way there!

Yep, we are half way through our rehearsal time in Spain. Lots of new stuff. Now we are fine tuning and tightening it up. Thanks for the pledges so far. However, we have a long ways to go yet, so please share the link to all your friends. WE CAN DO THIS!

Phew! Need a rest!

Well, after 3 days of intensive work, we have masses of new material. Can´t wait to show you guys.....

Yah! We begin!

First day of rehearsal has come to an end and......we have a new beginning!

Off we go!

Well, we're off to the Actor's Space tomorrow (Sunday) for the first leg of rehearsals. We will be working our little butts off with Simon cracking the whip. Don't feel too sorry for us, it's going to be a blast and you all shall reap the benefits when we get back. Thanks for your help so far and please spread the word!

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