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Úna Keane ... The Next Record

By Úna Keane


Hi, Úna here. I'm a Composer from Dublin, Ireland. 

I've been so encouraged by the reaction to my 2017 Album "As I Wake, Still I Dream", and delighted to see how the music has touched so many people. I'm coming to you now to ask for help to release my next Album of Minimalist Piano music in May 2019.


"Consistently beautiful" - The Irish Times 
"Lingers even after the final note has been struck" - The Sunday Times 
"Go hear / see her soothing, strange genius" - Michael Smiley
"A testament to the wonderful mysteries of sound" - John Kelly

Over the past couple years I've been touring consistently (even up to 7 months pregnant!), and it's been great to connect with so many people through my music. My aim is to build on this - with plans to tour Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe when the Album comes out in May 2019. While my 2017 record was a Piano Solo affair, this new Album will also feature (quiet) electronics, soundscapes and vintage typewriter.

I'm looking to raise €10,000. I've done most of the recording myself, but I need help to finance Mixing, Mastering, Duplication & Marketing. Here's a breakdown of where the Funds will go, should I be successful with this Crowdfunding campaign :: 

I'll be designing and drawing all the Artwork myself - mostly ink sketching, with wood cuts, as I did for my last record. I'm determined to use this opportunity to get my music out into the wider sphere, and I'm very excited to do so.

I need to reach my target of 10k by my Project deadline, or else I get nothing! [NB: Your credit card will only be debited when the Project ends, and only then if I've reached my target]. I've a wide range of Rewards to offer in exchange for your support ::

  • Pre-order a Signed copy of the Album
  • Pre-book Concert tickets
  • Host a House Concert
  • Buy one of my Pianos
  • Have your Short Film scored
  • Treat your Colleagues / students to a Composition Workshop or...
  • Join me for a Pre-show Dinner with 3 of your friends in my Touring Van (I'll cook!). 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and support. It's all very much appreciated - every little bit! 

Úna x

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