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UnderGround Short Film Festival

By UnderGroundShortFilmFestival


Who are we?
The UnderGround Short Film Festival was established in 2010 by filmmakers Darren O'Mahony and Tomas O'Neill with the aim of developing and highlighting the film making community in the Cork and Munster area. Our ethos has been to focus on the film makers themselves first and foremost and to give audiences the opportunity to see what they want, no matter their interests by showing as large a selection of genres of short film as possible.

When we started three years ago we managed to organise four screenings of short films... we've come a long way! We're back, and we're gearing up to be bigger and better then before! We aim to screen 100 shorts across 14 categories over 8 days and nights!

UnderGround will run from Aug 10th to 17th across a number of intimate Cork City venues. As part of the overall theme of the festival, we intend to go for smaller venues for most of the screenings, ensuring a more personal experience for the audience.

We have categories for everyone: From regulars such as Drama, Comedy, Documentary and Experimental to more unusual sections such as Sci-Fi, Horror and Animation as well as being among the only festivals in the country to have dedicated Spanish and Polish language sections!

As well as screenings, we will have talks and workshops from seasoned film industry professional to help young filmmakers achieve their dream: A film on the big screen.

So what do we need?
Well, frankly, Festivals aren't cheap to run! As it stands, we are completely privately funded. Everything needed to make this event happen has come about through good will and private sponsorship. This is only our third year, but we hope to continue on for many more but we need your help! We need to raise €2,500 through this Fund it campaign if we are going to continue to survive in the tough economic climate we live in.

Venue costs need to be covered, trophies need to be purchased and of course, without proper advertising no one is goin to know we even exist! This is where your contributions will go. Without your help, the festival simply cannot happen!

By contributing to this campaign, you will be helping to bring tourism to Cork City, giving young filmmakers the audience they deserve for the short films they have slaved to make as well as giving audiences a range of fantastic movies they normally wouldn't get to see. We believe we have come up with a fairly generous list of rewards for those of you who wish to help us. So, please give what you can. Only with your help can we continue to grow the UnderGround Short Film Festival until it is an annual event that filmmakers and audience goers the country over cant wait to see!

Any help you can give us to make this festival happen really will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!