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Unseen Dreams Project

By Oksana Afonina


Unseen Dreams is a series of 12 artworks created by two Ukrainian artists — photographer Oksana Afonina and illustrator Varvara Perekrest. By the means of photo and illustration we will show you something that can’t be seen — sleeping dreams of blind people.

The project was inspired by Esref Armagan — Turkish artist who is blind from the birth but paints beautiful pictures. This unique case fostered our further research about experiences of blind and visually impaired people and resulted in our current project.

Unseen Dreams aims to attract public attention to issues of blindness and show that experiences of blind and visually impaired people are different from ours but not necessarily poorer. The project is based on dreams of real people who are blind since birth and have no visual memories.

The series will be exhibited as part of the PhotoIreland festival from 8-14 July at FilmBase Gallery.

We are raising money to cover printing, production, promotion and exhibition expenses.

Please, help us to make it happen and get nice rewards in return.

Thank you for your support!
Oksana and Varvara

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