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Upstart Granby Park

By Upstart Collaborative


This summer, Upstart will transform an inner-city site into a pop up park, a place of creativity, nature, imagination, play and beauty for everyone.

A cultural pocket to replace a vacant plot in the centre of Dublin City.

With your help we can open for 4 weeks and be host to dozens of free arts events, outdoor cinema & theatre performances, live music, educational activities, a pop-up restaurant and so much more.

A place for breakfast, lunch and dinner...for children and adults...an open space open to all.

Upstart have worked for the last two years to develop this innovative new project with multiple stakeholders and have consulted with Dublin City Council planners and architects, landscape architects and designers, with arts groups and with local community groups in Dublin.

All of whom have given their time and services for free.Everything we've done and do is voluntary.

So what's the money for?

Ok! Despite our best efforts to reuse, to upcycle and to beg for almost all of our materials. Despite the fact that we have witnessed incredible generosity from all those we've worked with so far.

We still need your help.

There are costs that we can't avoid.

The practical stuff like insurance, security, health and safety and some materials. There are day-to-day things we’ve tried our best to source at no cost, but despite our best efforts, they’ll have to be paid for. An outdoor light is €13.96! And we need loads! Not to mention the wiring, the switches...you get the idea!

But imagine a space transformed because you did more than just walk by that derelict site and wonder what it might be used for.

This is that small gesture which makes a big difference. When you take a small moment out of your day and make something happen that you didn't think could.

Imagine that!

A free play area, gardens, a theatre, a cinema, a restaurant - a Dublin City sanctuary for you to sit and take it slow and be inspired.

And why?

Imagine communities enabled by the development and creation of a roadmap and toolkit to get creative and breathe vibrancy into vacant spaces.

We've done so much, the legalities, the planning, the network, the ins and outs of taking a closed site and opening it to the community.

In short, we want it be a shining example as to how vacant sites can be used.

We want to offer you an experience.

We want to create something special for Dublin and its residents.

But we can’t do it without you.