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Varo - Debut Album

By Varo




We are excited to be at the stage where we are ready to make our first album. Since we started working in 2015, we have been gathering together a repertoire of songs from Ireland, Scotland and England, along with a selection of Irish tunes that we collected from archives, sessions, and from singers and musicians we admire. We have also composed two instrumentals and have chosen songs with a specific focus on a female perspective or conveying stories of rebellion in a social context, or both.

We have worked on these arrangements for the last few years, weaving around the melodies with harmony, countermelody and drones, developing our own style. We are influenced by Medieval, Baroque and Classical music, as well as the Folk Revival that exploded in England and Ireland in the 70’s.

Between now and Thursday 12th December we’ll be raising the funds needed to make this happen. 


Where will your money go

We have started the process of recording, and all the money raised from this campaign will go directly to cover the costs of:


-Studio & Sound Engineer

-Mixing & Mastering 

-Duplication & Vinyl pressing

-Art Cover & Design 

-Guest Musicians fees 

-Promotion & Distribution 

-Fund it commission



We have a range of rewards on offer in exchange for your help in forwarding our musical journey: cds, vinyls, album launch tickets, artwork prints, t-shirts, lessons, workshops, house concerts, or a tune composed especially for you.



The team 


Varo is:

Consuelo Nerea Breschi- vocals, fiddle, bodhran
Lucie Azconaga- vocals, fiddle, harmonium

In collaboration with:

Frank Tate- mandolin/bouzouki
Niamh Bury- vocals, guitar
Helen Diamond- vocals, fiddle

Lucie from France and Consuelo from Italy met in 2015. They travelled to Ireland along different musical paths, Lucie from Jazz, Classical music, and French folk, Consuelo from Irish Trad, Folk, and World Music.

They have also been involved in other projects, such as Landless, Ye Vagabonds, the Lisa O' Neill's Band, Alasourse, The Morning Tree, The Nomadic Piano Project.


'Ye Jacobites by Name'

'Varo live at The Workman's Club'


We would like to create our own sound that truly captures our different styles and influences, so we have chosen to work with two highly regarded sound engineers with different backgrounds: Christopher Barry (Ye Vagabonds, Junior Brother) and John Murphy (Lankum, Landless, Crash Ensemble).

Why we are crowdfunding

We can’t wait to bring our repertoire out into the world, and we are hoping to be able to produce this album and release it by the end of January 2020.
But to do so at a high quality standard, we have to face some significant expenses, so we are kindly asking for some help to make this happen.



We are extremely grateful for the love and support you have given us during the years since the beginning of our project. Thank you sincerely for reading this and for any further help you can give us to make this last big step happen.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Varo_Dublin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/varo.dublin/

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/Varo.Dublin/