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VaVaVoom TV - Completion funding

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Hi, my name is Cynthia, I am a Fashion Stylist and TV Presenter.

With my production Team, in 2011, we created “You are What You wear” The first fashion and makeover TV show dedicated to the men and women of Ireland. Our aim was to promote a positive attitude and put a smile on our viewers faces despite the recession.

Our show was broadcasted on City Channel (UPC cable) but unfortunately, the channel went bust. Our show is now homeless.

Following the amazing feedback from our fans, we have decided to create VaVaVoom TV: the first online Lifestyle and Fashion TV dedicated to the men and women of Ireland.

We Think Community: The viewers actively contribute to the content via Social Medias.

We think Value for Money: We share the best bargains.

We think Diversity: VaVaVoom TV reflects the new multicultural Ireland and brings updates to the gay community.

We think Fun!

The channel will offer 12 different programmes (new content will be uploaded daily):

1. By Night: coverage of Ireland night life
2. Grooming and Style: Styling and Grooming tips for men
3. Sports: coverage of Ireland sports stories
4. The Pink Boudoir: Updates about the LGTB community
5. Fashion News: In the Irish and International Fashion Scenes
6. Love Your Hair: Tutorials to get the ultimate hair style at home
7. Makeovers: Makeovers performed on women around Ireland
8. The Makeup Room: The latest in expert makeup tips and trends
9. Tips of the week: Styling and beauty tips from professionals.
10. Funny: Humorous and stand-up comedians footage
11. The Celebs: Celebrities interviews
12. Win!: Competitions with prizes to win

Check out our concept website (after launch, all videos will be replaced by our own production) www.vavavoomtv.ie.

Is fully committed to reaching the highest quality standards possible! Catherine Legras: Camera-woman and Director, Cynthia Baloula: Presenter and Executive Producer, Ciara Bardin: Presenter, Arnaud Rigaud: Cameraman.

All the participants to the makeovers, etc.. will be selected among our viewers.


We need your contribution to be able to cover post-production costs for the first 3 months after launch of VaVaVoom TV.

Budget breakdown:

- Production :
Equipment, insurance, website creation and maintenance are already covered by the production team

- Postproduction Image & Sound :
We need a full day per week to edit our short videos
200 euros x 12 weeks = 2,400 euros

- Expenses :
We aim to film content all over Ireland and would like to go around at least once a month: 150 euros x 3 months = 450 euros

- Music :
The special touch of VaVaVoom TV! We would love to ask a DJ composer to write a unique music: 400 euros

Get involved in this exciting project and enjoy your rewards!



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