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Vela - debut album by Francesca Baines

By Francesca Baines


My name is Francesca Baines and I'm a songwriter and producer. I play 5-string banjo, electric and acoustic guitars, dulcimers and found objects to create songs diverse in musical form ; an assimilation of folk, ethnic, classical and jazz informing my compositional and vocal style.

Lyrically I like to tell stories - to create scenes and personas to offer different perspectives, drawing on myth and archetype, and my imagination, to express what I hope is both unique and universal.

In producing my debut album Vela I chose to create environmental contexts for these narratives by incorporating found-sound elements and carefully chosen instrumentation to construct a sense of place and time surrounding each tale, and to reflect the natural musicality of everyday life. This lead me to creating rhythm tracks out of water drops, woodland walks and rubbish, to form a skiffle band, to turn the inside of a piano into a harbour, and above all to collaborate with some incredible musicians from all walks of music.

The experience of making this album has inspired me to explore found-sound further and given me confidence to form the Soulskin project - a musical merging of some very creative minds who conjure live performances of surround-sound storytelling .... but more about that later!

After 2 years spent producing this album - the blood and bones, the heart, the sweat, the soul, and the dearest of friendships - I would love for it to reach your ears and capture your imagination - in hard copy! After covering production costs of €15,000, I would greatly appreciate help from you in covering the last €2,150 for the design and duplication of 1000 CD's to be released this Summer. Here's a little video that offers a microcosm of the album's world ;-)

Kindest wishes,