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Warehouse Space - Kings of Concrete

By Kings Of Concrete


Kings of Concrete is back for the magic year 7!!! How things have changed from our humble beginnings in Wood Quay and this year we start all over again in our new home in the awesome Grand Canal Dock. We are also super excited to be running for an extended four days from August 23rd – 26th. For those of you who don't know what we do, we are a collective of friends, artists, skaters, promoters, engineer(s), creative carpenters, dj’s, musicians etc - generally a very tolerable bunch with a lot of energy and a groovy vibe all sharing a clear vision for our festival.

As part of this new move an amazing opportunity has presented itself; for the first time Kings of Concrete are hoping to develop a full indoor venue as part of the festival site. This will be in a disused warehouse space, which opens out onto the dock itself and all it has to offer. Prefestival we will use this site as our build zone where we have lined up some killer new pieces such as yet another giant robot, a water slide and floating crazy golf holes!

During the festival we aim to utilise the heart of this space to house our Kings of Concrete art exhibition, an indoor ramp, a mega projection gaming arcade and have a general escape from all the usual high frequency Kings activities that will be taking place all along Hanover Quay.

We need YOU to help make this happen. We need YOU to help us get this space ready for Kings 2012. We've never asked for much in the past; just smiles and sunshine while we work hard behind the scenes to provide everything else, but every euro that could be pledged by you will move us one step closer to building the vision we have for this warehouse for EVERYONE to share. This space will be your place to lay your claim in helping in making Kings of Concrete history - we would love you to be able to take pride in that and what we do with it!

Our festival doesn't exist without the people that come down to hang out, skate, roll, bust-a-move, paint, play, compete, perform, hit the rail, backflip off the ramp into a foam pit, take the water slide route into the grand canal basin and everything else that adds to the atmosphere. We would love to be able to expand on the possibilities that we envision creatively and share them with you in our new warehouse venue.

If you like what we do and believe in our ability to deliver what we have outlined here please dig deep in those pockets and give us the support so that we can deliver back to you an even bigger and better Kings of Concrete experience! A fiver, tenner, crisp fiddy....whatever you can do, anything is appreciated

Much Love,
All at Kings