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Watch Her Disappear

By Joseph Orr


My name is Joseph Orr (producer) and I'd like to invite you to be a part of our short film Watch Her Disappear.

Our journey began several years ago when myself and George (writer/ director) first collaborated, on a summer project 'Hazel Point' (a ghost story set in Tipperary). Here we are 3 years later and fresh out of college, teaming up again to make our most ambitious project yet.

Watch Her Disappear tells the story of Cob, a man consumed by dreams of meeting his first love again. Come take a walk with us through Cob's mind. Dublin is his Wonderland. His lost love Alice dances on rooftops.

Let's meet the crew:

Writer/ Director: George Hooker
Producer:  Joseph Orr
Cinematographer: Orla Mac Nelis
Sound Recordist: Conor O'Doherty
Post Sound/ Boom Op:  Emmet MacNamara
Set Designer: Sarah MacDermot
A.D: Kim Manning
Assistant Set Designer: Amy O Connel
Grip: Max Ramsbottom
Editor: Louise Finn
Costume: Jean Corcoran
Stills: Chris O'Riley
Make-Up: Niamh Dowling

Your funding will be the foundation upon which we will build this film. We will be posting regular updates on our facebook page and keeping a blog. We will also be providing you with behind the scenes footage of the making of our film.

Your money will play an essential part in the key areas of:
1. The construction of a train carriage: This is the big one, as we will have to construct it entirely from scratch.
2. The transportation of equipment, cast and crew: Transporting gear will require petrol money, and we may have to rent a van, should we need it for the larger items such as the dolly and tracks.
3. Location scouting: We need to find a disused/small train station where we can set up our equipment without being a disruption. The perfect station will have to be both visually pleasing but also  somewhat out of the way, a hard find. We also plan to shoot a scene on a rooftop, a challenge we eagerly anticipate. 
4. Additional camera equipment: Additional lenses (50mm prime/adapters/lens filters etc.) and a camera mount for some train exteriors. 
5. Catering: Because our entire cast and crew will be working for free it's important that we keep their energy levels up over the four day shoot. We are looking at possibly 20/ 25 people on set per day. An army marches on its stomach. 
6. Post Production elements: Grading for the overall film is quite expensive and something we are looking in to getting at a reduced rate.

Film making brings with it a lot of hidden expenses, but with your help we can ease our financial constraints and focus our minds on creativity. Your support is what makes independent film possible so whether your an aspiring film maker or just a lover of films, donate what you can today and help us make this film a reality. Welcome to our team.
Thank you,

- Watch Her Disappear crew -



And So It Begins..

Next week is crunch time. With buckets of per-production behind us, and the last few details being ironed out, we’re all very excited to get filming. So, what have we been up to? The casting process was long and fruitful, and we can finally announce the final line-up. Playing young Cob will be Brandon Keily, and young Alice will be played by Bronwen Barry. We would like to thank Take 2 Casting Agency for putting us in touch with these two phenomenal young actors. Cob will be played by Brian Talbot, and Alice by Vivian Fowler. With so many talented people auditioning it was a tough call, but Brian and Vivian really stood out and we’re very excited to have them on board. Our train carriage is almost finished. We can almost hear the tracks woosh by underneath. Time to clear away the sawdust! The locations are locked, and will be taking us from one end of Dublin to the other. Get ready to see the city from a new perspective. Our two lovely ladies are ready to go with costume and make-up. Jean and Niamh have done an amazing job and may be dressing us all before this film is done. The camera department are putting the last few touches on the shot list, and we can safely say that this film is going to be a visual feast. Lets not forget the sound crew! Idea’s have been pouring forth. Look beautiful? Emmet and Conor are going to make this filmsoundbeautiful too! Speaking of sound, we are excited to announce that composers Adam McDonagh and Kevin Free will be writing the score. Last but not least, we have hit our funding target on fundit.ie! Are deepest gratitude to those who have donated, you made this film possible! Every cent donated so far is being put right back in to making this film, but we still need your support to afford the festival entry fee’s. Please donate today, every penny counts! All our love, - The WHD Crew -

Week 3 Production Blog

Well it has been an exciting few weeks with lots going on. Where to begin? Most traditional, I suppose, would be at the start. With our fundit running strong and over half way to our target, everyone on the crew would like to say a big thank you. Between that, our facebook, and our twitter, Watch Her Disappear is very much public. Lots of exiting news is just around the corner so follow, like, join, believe! A few additions to our crew. Having been awarded an internship with Disney, our set designer Sarah McDermott has had to step down. Congratulations Sarah, we are very jealous of the folk down at Disney! Stepping up to the challenge is Conor Downes. Stand next to Conor and you can actually hear his creative gears grinding, and we can’t wait to see what he can do. We would also like to welcome Sorcha MacKenna as camera operator, a talented photographer and filmmaker who George and Orla are thrilled to be working with. Last but not least, Philippa Carson, as our casting director. After long discussion between the producer, director, and DOP, we have decided to shoot Watch Her Disappear on a Cannon 5D mkII. DSLR’s are becoming increasingly popular for young filmmakers and the 5D is leading the bunch. We are in the middle of the casting process, with a fine spread of acting talent under consideration. More on that soon. On Friday we had a full crew workshop, setting up a mock train carriage and immersing ourselves in the art of back projection. It was exhilarating to watch the film come to life. That is all for now, but stay tuned for more updates. - Your loving WHD crew

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