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By Yellow Village Pictures


What happens when sorrow obliterates our desire to live?
When even the most basic conversations seem next to impossible?

Our short film WATERWAY explores the ways in which nature can sometimes hold the simplest of answers to life’s problems. How exposure to her sights and sounds can bring joy into broken lives again.

Set on the canals and lakes of Co. Leitrim WATERWAY highlights the understated beauty of the landscape and shows how its gentle magic might allow peace to come dropping slow.

Written and directed by Carrie Crowley, WATERWAY films on location in Leitrim this November.

Our dream cast – Michael Power, Michael Harding, Marie Mullen and Aoife Duffin – have all come on-board. There is a God!

Our director of photography, Colm Hogan, who will make every droplet of water a character in its own right, has assembled a formidable team on camera.

We have a barge we could live on for the rest of our days and a dog – Sophie Lúnasa – we would wrap up and take home… if her owner would allow it!

With the support of Waterways Ireland, Riversdale Barge Holidays, Studio North West TV and the people of Leitrim, along with an investment of time and talent from our wonderful cast & crew, we already have a percentage of our budget in place. But to really make this short film stand proud in the outside world, to really showcase our land and waters to a wider public, we need and would love to have your assistance.

Between cast and crew we will have up to thirty people on site at any given time. That’s a lot of mouths to feed and nourish in winter months. A lot of warm beds to provide.

We need to ferry the non-locals to Leitrim in the first place and then home again at the end of the shoot, although many might rather stay on! And while based in the area there will be much transporting to factor in on a daily basis. We also need to insure cast, crew and location against unforeseen emergencies.

And while nature herself will provide some natural light we will need assistance - it is winter after all. Then there’s sound, hair, make-up, costumes, design and props to factor in before we wrap the shoot itself. Whereupon we face more expenditure in post-production.

If we didn’t think this film was worth making; if we didn’t want to present our dream to a wider world, we could just sit back and sip cocoa. But we desperately want to do it. And we want you to help us, if you can. It's not about the amount you give, it's about coming on this journey with us.
We'd love if you could.
Yours in film-making and the curative powers of nature,
Carrie Crowley, Catherine Keating and all at Yellow Village Pictures.