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We’re All Mad Here invites the public to enter a liminal world of fantasy and illusion. A world where whats’its share their daily follies with the public. This work arises from the concern of intervening in a different space, a space where a simple decision has the power to transform, showing the daily madness that a person with double joints can suffer.

We’re All Mad Here plants a reality created by two heads wanting to control one body that throughout its journey metamorphs as it keeps arriving at a crossroads. Stemming from the pedagogy of classical corporeal mime and the work of Lewis Carroll this dark and ludicrous work demonstrates internal duality through movement-theatre and visual art.

The Team:
Gráinne O Carroll
Melissa Haury
Lorenzo Massa
Antonella Scanu
Daniel Mc Dermott
Stella Godmet

Gráinne O Carroll started this work in 2015, exhibiting it in galleries, live-art spaces, lightmoves screen dance festival and NOW! A theatre festival in Dublin this September!

Gráinne, Lorenzo Massa and Melissa Haury are the principal performers, hailing from different corners of the world, they share the love of transmitting their impressions through physical theatre, dance and mime. The show will feature original music by Daniel Mac Dermott and songs performed live by Antonella Scanu. Stella Godmet, an actress and director based in Dublin and Galway, is in charge of the production and management.

We are crowdfunding in order to cover the costs of venue rental, production expenses, publicity materials.
We would like to exchange limited edition prints from Gráinne O Carroll's exhibition collection and specially devised expierences with you! The rewards have been chosen very carefully in order to share with you an aspect of We're All Mad Here that happens behind the scenes! We look forward to sharing the essential bits of this very exciting journey!

The cost of venue rental, publicity materials and production expenses and the festival's cut total to the handsome sum of 3200euro. If we could cover the cost of venue rental (1000), insurance (250), publicity ie printing & documentation (300), and production ie lighting, sound, costume (450). Then we can cover the rest through ticket sales.

By purchasing one of our rewards not only will you be recieving a glimpse at the bigger picture of We're All Mad Here, but you would also be a supporting a work of art come to life!

We're All Mad Here, excited, and we are so so truly grateful to everyone who has accompanied us on the journey since the very first day.

Join us in The FUMBALLY in September!

Love and thanks,
The MAD HERE Family



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