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We're launching a Board Games Cafe!

By Lada Bartova


What we're doing

We're in the process of opening a board games café with speciality coffee in Dublin City Centre, where anyone who likes to get nerdy or play board games (or is curious about any of it) can come and hang out.

We love the intrigue of Westeros, to Marvel over new movies, are salty enough to deter demons, and love to be a part of it as the Wheel of Time turns. Perhaps you’ll discover something new to hype about, or just revisit old fan theories. Either way, do it at WayWord Sisters Coffee.

We'd love to invite our €20+ funders to our launch event once everything is set up!


Why we need your help

As most board gamers know, games can be expensive, which is why we are here and you are reading this. We ask you to help us make this nerdy haven a reality, so that we can provide the best assortment of board games possible.

The Games Archive will be available in the cafe and will contain titles from Scrabble or Monopoly, to Carcassonne, Pandemic or Munchkin.

You will need to purchase an Archive Access pass for €5 which will entitle you to a gaming session.

We predict to use about 20% of raised funds to fulfil the rewards and merchandise, but most will go towards purchasing enough games to fill our Games Archive.


About the team

Veronika is a barista with years of experience and all around badass, who boulders like Spider-Man. Also, she could kill you with her brain and has over ten years of experience in hospitality.

Lada is a great leader with a decade of customer service experience and a determination that would make a stone statue break eye contact first. She’d stick enemies with the pointy end of her rapier. They asked for it.

Together the sisters make a formidable team that nobody with a sense of self preservation would make an enemy of.

There’s also the professionally relevant experience of course.


Potential risks

Thanks to Veronika's experience, we're aware of the challenges of the industry, and besides the ever-present threat of alien invasion, we are prepared for them. We have the support and mentorship of experienced business owners and we have looked at the success strategies of others who have a vision similar to ours.

Besides our own savings for this project, we are also taking out a bank loan to ensure funding. 



Thank you for your time and for helping us make WayWord Sisters Coffee as great as we want it to be! Keep calm and carry on (my wayward son).
Or live long and prosper.
Whichever you prefer.


If you have any questions, get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!



WayWord Update

Hello everyone!


First of all, we would like to apologise for the lack of updates.

We had a venue lined up in summer and were negotiating for a while, but unfortunately that fell through in late autumn, so we have been back to square one since.


We are currently looking for a venue again, and it's once again proving to be more difficult than we originally anticipated. If we are unable to find one by June, we will find an alternative way to supply your rewards, such as free entry to pop-up events in lieu of the access passes, and we will have merchandise ready by then for those who selected relevant tiers.


Ultimately, what we want to achieve with our coffee shop is to build a community of like-minded people. Because of that, we are looking into organising events such as board games evenings or latte art throw-downs in the meantime - we will update you once we have any more details!


Once again sorry for the long radio silence, we really appreciate your patience!


Lada & Veronika

Last few days!

Hi Everyone!

There is now over 100 of you - thank you all!

The campaign ends on Monday morning. Until then, if you find a few minutes to share it once more with your friends and family, we would really appreciate it.

We will be in touch with more info about the rewards and their delivery once the campaign is over.

For now, please know that we are working hard on finding the perfect venue and hopefully we will be all able to hang out there soon! :)

With thanks and love,

Lada & Veronika

Update #3 - We did it!

We hit our goal on Saturday. Thanks to all of you beautiful people, you got us there! :)

The campaign is running for another 3 weeks, so if you have friends who might want to be a part of our journey, or just grab a reward, share away, and don't forget that nobody will be charged until the campaign is officially over!

Update #2 - Almost there!

Hi Everyone,

You have no idea how exciting it is to watch the total amount climb towards our goal!

We are almost at 90% now and so thankful to everyone who has donated or shared our project so far.


PS: Don't forget, your card won't be charged until the end of the campaign! :)

Woah, we're half way there...


(I will show myself out. But before I do that, the image is by our friend Alex, check out her Instagram!)


Right. Back to business.

It's only Wednesday and our faces since Monday morning have been pretty much THIS:

You guys are smashing it! THANK YOU!!

We absolutely believe in what we want to do, but it's amazing to see that you're here with us :)

Also, a lot of people are asking if we have a venue yet - we don't, but we're looking for a City Centre location. Don't have any more details right now, because with the current market, we can't be too picky. We'll keep you updated!

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