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WexFour - Support WexFour Hons!

By Wexford Arts Centre


Wexford Arts Centre’s production team led by Director Ben Barnes, a Wexford native and former Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre & Producer/Wexford Arts Centre Executive Director Elizabeth Whyte, brings home acclaimed Wexford artists and creative teams and introduces national/international artists to Wexford to work with local talent with the aim of cultivating professional theatre development locally whilst also producing world class theatre in the County and South East region.

Wexford Arts Centre is the oldest regional arts centre in Ireland and has been delivering a vibrant multi arts programme with emphasis on contemporary art practice and participation for all ages in the heart of Wexford since 1974.

WexFour is an exciting unique production of 4 short plays specially written by 4 international award winning renowned Wexford writers – John Banville, Eoin Colfer, Billy Roche and Colm Tóibín to celebrate Wexford Arts Centre's 40th anniversary.

We need your help to fund this project which will contribute to the future of the centre which has played a pivotal role in the early development of some of Ireland’s most acclaimed writers and performers. The funding for this production will not only contribute to the costs of the production but also contribute to the much needed cultivation of professional theatre development and support for artists and production personnel in the County and South East region.

The production will run between 22nd October to 27th October 2014 at Wexford Arts Centre during the Wexford Opera Festival and Wexford Fringe festival. All 4 plays will be included in each evening or matinee's performance. The performance includes: Erosion by Colm Tóibín, Prince Charming and The Dame by John Banville, The Dog and Bone by Billy Roche and My Real Life by Eoin Colfer all reflecting themes of love loss and humour in the face of adversity across a Wexford landscape.
The stellar cast includes nationally and internationally acclaimed actors of stage and screen:

Andrea Irvine
Mark Lambert
Don Wycherley

The internationally renowned creative team includes:

Director Ben Barnes
Designer Joe Vanek
Lighting Sinead Wallace
Sound Pat Jackman

This will be a wonderful opportunity to support developing world class theatre in a small regional town and will also provide indirect economic benefit to the community by enhancing the offer to attract more national and international visitors to the town and county during the prestigious Wexford Opera Festival and Wexford Fringe festival. It is hoped also that the production may lead to future national and international touring possibilities.

We've got the commitment of the talent and aim to start rehearsals soon. Just need the funds to make this a a truly memorable production and a great anniversary gift for Wexford Arts Centre.

Please be a Hon and help our WexFour Hons make magic happen in Wexford!

Further information on the production can be found on www.wexfordartscentre.ie or facebook/Wexfordartscentre and twitter@wexfordarts. You can also email: elizabeth@wexfordartscentre.ie



An intriguing update for Wexford Arts Centre enthiusiasts and supporters.

Hello supporters of Wexfour. My name is Nick Day and I'm a composer and musician living in Wexford. Together with dancer / choreographer Deirdre Grant I'm delighted to announce that Wexford Arts Centre is supporting, promoting and hosting yet another unique event. TIN SOLDIER / PAPER DANCER is a reinterpretation for an adult audience of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. The production company This, That and the Other are producing an ensemble work of contemporary dance, solo guitar, choral voices and visual art. This will be staged at Wexford Arts Centre on 21st and 22nd of October 2016. Our Fund it page 'Tin Soldier / Paper Dancer' has further details, bios of composer, choreographer, performers and visual artists. We have an elaborate, thrilling event for you in this work. We invite you to visit our page and if this is of interest to you please pledge an amount of your choosing for the rewards detailed. Many thanks, Nick.

Thank you

Thank you WexFour Hons! We managed to hit our target with hours to spare. Really appreciate all your support and looking forward to getting the production into full swing of rehearsals. Look forward to seeing all your support in action during production run. Thank you so much! Elizabeth

1 more day

Hello WexFour Hon Supporters just one more day to go to reach target. Just in case we don't reach it just want to thank you for commitment and if still wish to contribute support - can email elizabeth@wexfordartscentre.ie or call 053 9123764 x 5. We will stand by our rewards for guarantee of pledges. Thanks so much! Elizabeth

Only 3 more days to reach target!

Hello Wexfour Hon supporters! €5000 raised and 3 more days to go. Can we do it? I hope (unlike our Scottish friends) yes. Rehearsals due to start full swing in Wexford early October and getting interest for international tour after. Final draft on book publication looking very nice. A couple of nights almost sold out already. So supporting Fundit best way to get the best VIP tickets in the house!. Feel free to encourage support. You may have seen Don Wycherley on the TV last night in Rasai na Gallimhe. Recently Don shared the stage with another cast member Mark Lambert at the Abbey in George Bernard Shaw Heartbreak house. Andrea Irvine has performed mainstage at Abbey as well. Here is some further information on the Stellar cast: http://www.abbeytheatre.ie/people/view/don_wycherley http://www.abbeytheatre.ie/people/view/mark_lambert http://www.abbeytheatre.ie/people/view/andrea_irvine Feel Free to share with other potential supporters and committed funding can also be enhanced. Thank you! Elizabeth

Eleanor McEvoy joins the production

We are delighted to announce the new addition of Eleanor McEvoy to our production of WexFour. Eleanor will be providing live music interludes between each of the 4 plays performed. Eleanor McEvoy will also perform at Wexford Arts Centre on 17th October. This is a stellar addition which will add to the uniqueness of this production. We are so proud of the artists involved dedicating their time to this project. Thanks so much all for your support to make it happen as well. €3080 raised and 7 more days to go to reach €8,000 target. May add bonus 'Music' rewards if can get more people on board to support and reach our target. Spread the word! Here's a little video by High Winds to show you a little of the vibrant art activities you support when you support Wexford Arts Centre. Note also we are registered charity and some support eligible for tax deductions. http://youtu.be/8JCCReH76JY

WexFour playwrights say a few words about their plays and WAC

Thank you to all additional funders for your support. 15 days to go! Need more wonderful people like you to support. Here is a lovely compilation video of our world renowned Wexford writers contributing to WexFour: John Banville, Eoin Colfer, Billy Roche and Colm Tóibín saying a few words about their works and about Wexford Arts Centre. Feel free to share and hope we can encourage a few more supporters to support Wexford Arts Centre and this wonderful 40th anniversary production. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddYV5HLyQv8 Enjoy! Elizabeth

WexFour Poem by Joe Neal

€875 and 24 days to go. Here's a lovely poem dedicated to WexFour by Wexford based poet Joe Neal. A little added bonus. Enjoy! WRITERS OF THE RANGE You see our Billy Roche coming down Main Street, boxer-walking bard, playwright laureate lassoing leaping spires and life-trapped characters with his lariat of chat. Then, with bonhomie of bounce, Eoin Colfer chuckles in, all laughter on the loose, uplifting us to a manic, fairy world of pure imagination. On loan from Enniscorthy, Colm Two-Town Toibin canters in to corral his creativity with prescience of thought and perfect drawl of sentence on the page. And John Banville, prolific novelist on everybody's Wanted list - Johnny Big Guns, firing prose like bullets from the hip. Wexford Town, First Chance Saloon, where from out of Cat Malogen bursts forth the witty, wisely-spoken word.

Slowly but surely!

Thanks to our funders so far - Fred Karlsson, Audi, Bill Kelly, Barry Devereux and the anonymous! Only another 89% to go in 26 days. Do encourage all to support. All who pledge from €10+ will be entered into a draw if we reach our pledge target for an additional 2 complimentary tickets as added bonus and incentive to support. Ben Barnes has been doing great work with the writers on the edits for the publication of the plays by Carysfort press with designer John Gavin. It will be a lovely and quite a valuable collection and make a nice Christmas present too. We will be so lucky to have the words of Ireland's elite Irish writers all from Wexford: John Banville, Eoin Colfer, Billy Roche and Colm Toíbín lilt across our stage as well as be bound within this special edition publication of which most of our funders will also be proud owners! Onwards and upwards!

Getting Creative with space

Yesterday award winning designer Joe Vanek was joined by award winning lighting designer Sinead Wallace who hails from Ferrybank Wexford to explore our theatre space and come up with an exciting way of producing the upcoming production of Wexfour in non formal way. Look forward to the transformation. Sinead won Irish Times Best Lighting Designer award for the Rough Magic production of Don Carlos by Friedrich Schiller and the Abbey Theatre production of Saved by Edward Bond. It is great to have an opportunity to bring home theatre production personnel who have done well further afield. Wexford based Sound Designer Pat Jackman also met up with Ben and look forward to his atmospheric contribution to the production. Pat's former Sound design credits include Sound designer and composer for Project 101 (Myriad Dance, 2010) and Ruins (Myriad Dance, 2007) Sound designer for La tragédie de Carmen (English Touring Opera, 2008) Sound designer for La Voix Humaine, Rita & La tragédie de Carmen (Wexford Festival Opera, 2007) Preproduction work for (Abhann Productions, 2007) Pat celebrates 15 years as Sound Designer this year! Happy Anniversary Pat. Thanks to funders so far. Please encourage more people to support this wonderful project anyway they can. Includes Set up, Lighten up or Sounding out a WexFour Hon with great rewards.

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