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When We Were Young by Marion Wyatt



Finbar Vaughan leaves Cork in 1947 “to see the entire world.” In 1952, during leave, he meets Tina Furlong, a Wexford girl, who sweeps him off his feet. Their romance is intense, leaving her lonely and afraid once he ships out. “If you love me, why do you sail away?” This story follows Tina and Finbar as they navigate life through its ups and downs, like an ebb tide.

“I had a very happy childhood and then I met him.” Words spoken by my mother, over lunch in April 2012. When asked to expand she clammed up. She died in May 2012. A diary, and letters, never posted during her lifetime, fell into my hands. My imagination took over. I began to write.

When writing I listened to music from their era. As I drafted a story board it became evident that this story was taking me on a journey of discovery. The more I learned the more I realised that my parents kept a secret that affected their life together, and, that secret, in turn, affected me in a profound way. The more I learned about the secret the more I came to understand why my father beat me and why my mother allowed him to.

I want to tell their story. I’ve come to understand their predicament and understand why they were as they were. Nothing excuses them for their treatment of me but I forgive them because I’ve come to realise that they never forgave themselves. This play is a deeply personal emotional story for me.

I need your financial support in order to bring the play to the stage. I have raised most of the budget which, together with box office sales, will cover the rehearsal space, pre-production, promotion, and running costs. The Everyman has offered significant support for this show, but with your help, we can really deliver the best show possible. You can help us to take this production a step further, make a big difference to this production, and also support New Irish Theatre. I intend to stage my play with musicians, specialist dancers, vintage fashion, a brilliant team, and top-notch actors.

I’ve put together some lovely rewards for you. Please contribute to my Fund:It campaign.
Thank you for being a part of it.

Emer Hartnett, Marnie McClean Faye, Edel Murphy, Sinead McGee,
Damian Burke, Shane Doonan, Charlie Ruxton.

Director: Marion Wyatt
Set Designer: Olan Wrynn
Lighting Designer: Kieran Prendergast
Costume Designer: Jessica Healy Rettig
Hair & Make-Up: Giada Orlandi
Sound Design: Shane O’Sullivan
Choreographer: Philip McTeggart Walsh

Marion Wyatt directed: The Sunbeam Girls 1 & 2, The Good Sisters, Man of La Mancha, Nunsense 1 and 2 - The Second Coming (Cork Opera House), 12 Angry Men, The Plough and The Stars (Everyman), Singin’ in the Rain, (Olympia & Everyman), Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Wizard of Oz (COH),On Albert Road,(Cork Arts Theatre).


When We Were Young
April 6-16
The Everyman, Cork.






When We Were Young

Five days to go. Looking good and feeling confident that I will make the target. Standing at €2,265 today. Signed off on the final set design on Tuesday, had our first photo shoot yesterday, we sent the script off to the cast and now I am just waiting to get into the rehearsal room. All the team and cast are in place. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Almost over the line.

When We Were Young

Thanks very much to all who've already helped out. 21% there! €840 raised. 14 days to go...... €3,160 to go.........and my new play, When We Were Young will Open.

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