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Who Needs Enemies - Completion Funding

By Conor Montague


About This Project:

'Houdini’s Great Escape' is the pilot episode of 'Who Needs Enemies' by Conor Montague, a contemporary comic drama series set in Galway. Following the sell-out success of the 'Who Needs Enemies' series of plays over the past two years, and an expressed interest by a number of UK based commissioning editors, we have decided to adapt the concept for television. The series will be dark, twisted and edgy, seeking to exploit Galway’s seedy underbelly for comedic effect by depicting the intertwined lives of a group of twisted local characters.

The Plan:

We have been fortunate enough to secure the services of many talented people who are willing to waive their fees until 'Who Needs Enemies' secures a commission. However, there are certain things that are not possible to obtain free of charge and it is in meeting these costs that we ask for your assistance. The total cost of the production is €12,000. We have begged, borrowed, and stole the initial €6,000, which, coupled with negotiating credit periods with a number of equipment suppliers, has enabled us to complete all pre-production and to schedule an intensive eight-day shoot from 10 January 2012. The remaining €6,000 must be raised by 20 February and will go towards camera/sound equipment hire and completing post-production on Houdini’s Great Escape.

Houdini's Great Escape - Synopsis:

Eoin Hancock's intention of ignoring the world is disrupted when the world comes crashing through his window, in the shape of a cocaine-filled goat.
This incident is the culmination of a series of absurd events that has Houdini, Bottle, Raymo, Ten-Spot, and Gonz run ragged as they strive to keep one step ahead of Detective Pat McCann, a local drugs squad officer who takes a special interest in the group. Mere hours after Eoin cleared his home of nuisance revellers, those same revellers return to wreck havoc once again. Before a stoned Eoin has time to comprehend this manic intrusion, he is left alone, home wrecked, to scrub goat shit from the walls of his sitting room.

The action throughout the series is violent, obscene, absurd and relentless. Brought together by a common affiliation to Galway’s party scene, the concerns of this diverse group include cocaine smuggling, human trafficking, politics, prostitution, academia and horticulture. The complexity of the characters ensures an ever-mutating and unpredictable group dynamic. It is this volatility that enables a stream of original and insane comic scenarios, the nature of the personalities rendering almost any situation, no matter how improbable, believable to the viewer.

Thank you for taking the time to look over our project and we look forward to your collaboration as the series develops.



Who Needs Enemies - The Halfway Teaser


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