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Wishful Thinking

By Strive Theatre


Siobhán is back in the nest, fresh from a not-so-successful stint in London. With a bag of big city blues and zero confidence in her career as a journalist, she returns to find East Cork has changed: Her Mam, her cousin Mags and the whole town are up to ninety manifesting miracles and worshipping at the altar of self-help. Looking to overcome a death in the family, while trying to re-ignite Siobhán's passion for life, Mam and Mags seek guidance from the power of the universe and lead us on a comic journey exploring the mystical and materialistic aspects of self-improvement culture.   

The play is currently undergoing the second phase of Strive Theatre's Play Development Scheme and is due to premiere in Dublin in September before coming to Cork for a week long run in November.

Transport: 343e (based on 2017 tour figure)
Accommodation: 30e x 4nights x 9 people = 1080e
Insurance: Employers Liability @ 125e
Production Costs (inc. printing): 200e
Fund it Service Fee @ 8%: 152e

Playwright/ Co- Producer: Shaunna Lee Lynch 

Recent credits - The Weight of a Chip (Strive Theatre, dir.), The Rollover (The Rain Company, film, prod.)

Director/ Co-Producer - Ciarán MacArtain

Recent credits - The Weight of a Chip (playwright), Will It Fit In The Van? (prod./designer/ actor) In Light of Salt Rings They Drew (dir., Listowel Writers Week 2016)

Production Stage Manager- Lovisa Cosgrave

Recent Credits - Shawlies - Marion Wyatt, The Everyman Theatre. The Weight of a Chip, Will it Fit In The Van? (Strive Theatre)

Rab Urquhart - Technical Manager

Ongoing - Corcadorca/ Triangle Productions/ The Everyman Theatre/ Strive Theatre

We are an independent theatre company and currently have no funding from any other source other than that which we raise ourselves. As a company based in Cork, producing a show to premiere in Dublin comes with inherent costs that we are seeking support with. We feel that with this support the play will have the opportunity to fulfil itself and create a meaningful experience for its audience.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read through our campaign. Any contribution you can give is hugely appreciated and spreading the word about the project is also a big help! Wishing you well Wishful Thinkers!



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