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By Conall O Duibhir


with Dignity is an original feature screenplay written by Conall Ó Duibhir & Caoimhe Lavelle.

Set in a night school in the dystopian near future, the film comments on contemporary society through the eyes of the next youth generation. Ireland has been changed, more than the students themselves can understand. They make their way into class under the night sky, oblivious to the fact that the world around them might just crumble. Or maybe such deterioration isn't generation-specific, and has always been.

This is my first feature length project as producer/director. Though there are strong influences from Eastern European cinema, with DIGNITY is in essence a distinctly Irish film. With the use of inexpensive and versatile equipment the film will be high in production value, despite the humble budget.

The cast and crew are all working for their love of the project and for film, without pay.

The film is scheduled to shoot in August with the intention of entering the finished film into the 2012 Berlinale Film Festival. This is where your support is needed. I have invested €1000 in the project already and all superfluous cost has been avoided. A further €1200 must be raised in order to cover production costs.

For more information and notes on the project please see our facebook page www.facebook.com/withDIGNITY or contact me at conalloduibhir@gmail.com and www.facebook.com/conall.o.duibhir

Thank you for reading,

Conall Ó Duibhir



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