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Woodturning Tuition Studio Project

By David Condon


About Me

My name is David, I'm a Woodturner from Tralee Co. Kerry, Ireland and I have been in business professionally since July 2015. I have been selling through high commission retail outlets thus far and I really want to move away from that and develop my new teaching facilities. 


Before becoming a Woodturner I was a qualified Carpenter. I could go back to that life again and make loads of money but I have felt a calling to Woodturning since I first started in 1996. I have built a good foundation for my little business and I believe I can make a good go of it if I get a chance.

The Project Aim

For the final phase of my tuition studio expansion, I require funds to buy the remaining items (tools, safety equipment & wood stock for classes) to help grow my small business. I have slowly built my Studio over the last few years but I can't do it alone anymore. Students are currently having to share some handtools during classes which is a big negative. The bigger my classroom gets the more tools need to be added. I want to develop the new tuition side of the business so that I can once again see the craft the way I used to and not have to worry about how much stock I'm moving per week through the shops. 

There are no risks in reaching my target, only benefits. 

Why Fund it
As a small business/Artist I have struggled to buy the equipment I need over the last few years. Every penny I've made has gone right back into the business to get me through each stage of development. I have also leaned on family loans, overdraft facilities and credit cards too often to count.

I know that there are probably more worthy causes out there for people to pledge to but reaching my target would be huge for me. The rewards should take the sting out of it for you a little and hopefully you may feel better making a difference in someone's life. 

Your Pledge

Each pledge brings me closer to my goal and reaching or exceeding my target means a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders.  If my target is reached I can concentrate on building my tuition to the point where I can hopefully draw a living wage from my craft. Going beyond my target would be fantastic as I could invest that on future business needs. Each reward is a guaranteed Irish product, you can't pass it up!

Thank you for your support

I started this business because I love being creative and working with my hands has always been more satisfying than any other job I've had.  I would love to continue in this role and develop more creative products while passing on some of the knowledge I have accumulated along the way.

Thank you for reading and hopefully pledging.

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It's All Over

Wow, what can I say....it's finally over and I am blown away by people's generosity in these difficult times. 118% Funded!

As I mentioned in previous updates, I expected this campaign to fail 3 weeks back and the fact that it reached and then exceeded the target is unbelievable.

Fundit are finalizing things behind the scenes and will be contacting me and giving me your email addresses this week hopefully. I will then be contacting each of you in the order of your pledges I assume.

I will work out the logistics of each reward and will be making brand new stock so they will take a few weeks to complete. Keep an eye on your email junk folders just in case my email is intercepted.

Thank you all once again! I'll be in touch.




I'm there!!!! 100%!!!! After almost 42 days of hard work, stressing and worrying I finally hit my target with 20 hours to spare. I still can't believe I made it. 

3 weeks ago I was ready to give up, the emerging Coronavirus crisis seemed to stop everyone from pledging at the same time and I was getting no responses from my social media posts. Thankfully that turned around after a gut wrenching week.

It's not too late to grab a reward. Anyone who wants to be part of this campaign can still pledge up to 11am on Tuesday 7th April. It's for a good cause and you are getting an Irish Made Product in return.

Reaching 100% guarantees me the money and guarantees those that pledged get their rewards. Those that pledge from now on are also guaranteed their reward so please spread the word if you can.

After the campaign finishes, I will be in touch with each of you to arrange your reward. Please be patient and I will get to you as soon as I can. 

A huge thank you to everyone who supported me and my campaign. I definitely couldn't have done it without you.  

Thank you also to Fundit for giving me a platform to reach my goal.


Just Over 2 Days to Go

I'm going to get there! I've been laying low(ish) with my social media posts over the last week and I will make a last major effort tomorrow and Monday to get those last few pledges in.

To everyone I've annoyed with my posts over this campaign I am truly sorry but it's for a good cause.

I have a list of the most essential tools made out and ready to go as soon as I know that I'm over the line. If I go over target then that money will be used for more tools that will be needed further down the line.

For this campaign I tried to keep the figure as low as possible to guarantee success but in all honesty I could easily spend double my target.

Thanks again to everyone who has pledged so far!

All photos in the updates were taken by Stephen Fennelly Photography Tralee.


Under 7 Days left to go

Wow, I'm exhausted from this campaign. There has been so much going on behind the scenes trying to push this project forward in these unprecedented times. It's been an absolute rollercoaster of highs and lows.

I watched 2 campaigns come to a close recently with lots of pledges in the final stages to get them over the line and I'm cautiously optimistic that I will successfully reach my target the same way too.

This weekend will tell a lot I believe. A local paper, Kerry's Eye will publish a small article on Thursday about my fundraising efforts so I'm hoping some local people will support me after reading.

Fingers crossed! Thanks again to everyone who has pledged so far, I'm very grateful to you all.


Closing Campaigns

Between last night and this morning I watched 2 other Fundit Campaigns reach their 100% mark and I have to say it was very exciting to see that happen live even if they had nothing to do with me. I did have visions of that happening to me though in the not too distant future.

One week ago we were all worried that nothing was happening in our campaigns and that the virus had got the better of people's generosity. In the last 3 days that has all changed and our campaign pledges started coming in steadily.

My campaign has over a week left and I currently stand at 58%. I'm confident I will get there but it has definitely been a lot of hard work behind the scenes to get this far.

I got some professional photos taken by a student before Christmas, I will share this action shot of a Hanging Ornament being turned.

Thank you to those who have recently pledged!

2 Weeks to go

Hi all,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has pledged so far and I am delighted to announce that I have hit the 50% mark with just over 2 weeks to go!

I have been busy posting on all my social media accounts and it is quiet out there juding by the responses. Everyone is worried about Corvid-19 ( & rightly so) and everything seems to be slowing down due to uncertainty.

There is hope out there though and if we stay at home we can get through the storm. There is a future after this virus has gone and we should be mindful of that. Small businesses like mine will need help to rebuild up so that we can contribute to the local economy once again.

My campaign is now more vital than it was. If I didn't have enough money before I definitley do not have it to spare now and the funds for buying the new equipment would still need to be sourced down the line.  

I was unaware that the lowest pledge that can be made is €5. If you can't manage the reward amounts a smaller pledge would still count and be much appreciated. 

To everyone that has pledged so far can I ask you to share my campaign with at least one person that might be interested in an Irish Product or Woodturning Experience? Your request to people you know would carry far more weight than all of my posts.

When I'm down to the last 7 days the urgency of my campaign will change dramatically. If you are one of those last minute pledgers I'd ask that you please don't delay any further.

Many thanks,


12 Days into the Campaign

Just thought it was time to do my first update post. I was a little worried that there was no movement over the past few days but I got a huge boost today and the Campaign is now at 40% funded. I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

A very big Thank You to everyone who has pledged so far.  Hopefully I will get to 100% within the next 30 days and it would be even better to go beyond where I can cover  expenses.

Please keep sharing if you can?

Thank you all very much for supporting me, it means a great deal.


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