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WRAPPED by Tracy Martin

By Tracy Martin


WRAPPED is a new play by Tracy Martin, from the company that previously brought you 'Danny and Chantelle (still here)' by Phillip McMahon in 2012 and 'The Wave' by Tracy Martin as part of the 2012 Dublin Fringe Festival. Starring Aoibhéann McCann and Andrea Cleary WRAPPED is the story of two women's friendship, of travelling, of unrequited love, full moon parties, come downs and betrayal.

Playwright Tracy explains 'I very rarely see honest depictions of myself and my friends on the stage. I wanted to write something that showed women in an honest manner. A blame free look at the decisions some women make, good and bad. This project started out as a story about drugs but through the help of collaborating with the two wonderful actors, Aoibheann and Andrea, I've realised it's more then that. It's a story of friendship, of secrets and the things we leave unsaid, of emigration and hating home but also it's about the type of humour that can only happen between two best friends. I'm also very much interested in the idea of being in trouble, deep trouble and what that feels like. The decisions that people make and why upstanding citizens decide to commit hard core crime. What drives us to break the law and what it feels like to get caught. I feel this is the stuff real life drama is made of! I'm absolutely over the moon that Tiger Dublin Fringe has programmed WRAPPED. I'm very proud of this play and the cast and team behind it.'

Red Bear Productions has previously worked on a profit share basis, rehearsing anywhere we could for free, keeping the team small and begging and borrowing any time we needed anything for production. It helps that 'imaginary props' has become part of our style!

With WRAPPED we find ourselves in a position where we need to ask for your help. Even though our props are still 'imaginary' we're gathering a large team around us of sound, AV, lighting designers and stage management. We've been given the fantastic space of The Black Box in Smock Alley for NINE performances so we need to make sure our marketing is top notch to fill all of those seats for that many performances.

We have been very fortunate to be able to avail of free rehearsal space with Tiger Fringe's lab space. However this doesn't cover all of our rehearsal needs so we need to rent other spaces.

So even though we've tried to keep our costs as low as possible - the numbers keep on creeping up. So that's where we need our friends, families and colleagues help.
We're a small company who are dedicated to making new theatre for modern audiences. We're hoping to tour WRAPPED in the Autumn and new year so really need this premier production to be of an international quality. Thanks for your time.