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Wurm im Apfel Poetry: Autumn 2011

By Wurm Im Apfel


Wurm im Apfel poetry events aim to present unusual, different and experimental poetry to a wide variety of Dublin audiences in an accessible and welcoming way. We're interested in the kinds of poetry sometimes described as: experimental, avant garde, sound, concrete, visual, performance, and in forging links with international poets and artists and other performance arts. The events have been held all over the city in the past, but this autumn we're mainly working with The Loft bookshop in Middle Abbey St. (above the Twisted Pepper).

At our website http://www.wurmimapfel.net/recordings you can listen to some of what we've done so far.  Look out for our  2009 Festival Wurmfest, which includes an performance by amazing Dutch sound poet Jaap Blonk, graceful witty words from American poet and anthologist Carrie Etter and punchy performances from Dave Lordan and Karl Parkinson.

Wurm Press publishes chapbooks [pamphlets] and full-length poetry
collections. Our mimeorevolution chapbook series aims for a lo-fi look with high quality words.  All our full-length collections are softbound with original cover art.

Wurm doesn't get funding from any official source, and depends a lot on good will (thank you all!) We've been going for nearly three years now, and have given a platform to some of the most interesting -- and rarely-heard -- artists from Ireland and abroad.

Here's a breakdown of what Wurm is doing this autumn:

8th September: Joint event with Veer Books, a publishing project which comes out of the activities at Birkbeck College’s Contemporary Poetics Research Centre (CPRC), performances by Stephen Mooney, Maurice Scully, Aodan McCardle.

20th September: Poetry performances by Phil Hall (Canada), Kerrie O'Brien (Ireland).

18th October: Performance by Frances Presley (UK).

September-November 2011: Publication of two full-length collections, Spitting out the Mother Tongue, by Christodoulos Makris, and a new prose and poetry mix by Dave Lordan.

So, where will your money go?

About half will be directed towards the publishing projects. Each book costs about €400 to produce, and we're aiming to fund half of that here on Fund it, and half with book sales.  The majority of the rest of the money will go towards funding travel costs from for poets who come from outside Ireland. We're very lucky in that Phil Hall is passing through Dublin on a tour, so we don't need to buy a plane ticket from Canada to hear him! But Frances Presley, who's coming from the UK, does need her out-of-pocket expenses covered, to the tune of €250.

Finally, we're sharing the costs of the joint launch with Veer Books, and our half will cost €80. This will help a really innovative press develop an Irish platform.  We're also donating some money to Hello Operator, a great independent gallery space.

Thank you so much for your support.



Launch of Spitting Out the Mother Tongue

Last night Wurm Press held a launch event to mark the publication of Christodoulos Makris' collection Spitting Out the Mother Tongue. Thanks to all who attended, and especial gratitude to Rob Brown and the Loft Bookshop, guest speaker Professor Harry Clifton, and of course to the poet himself. This couldn't have happened without your donations -- thanks again! Rewards are on their way...

Thanks again

To another anonymous donor!

more thanks

A donation from the folks at Coracle Press (coracle.ie) brings us to 810 euro!

more thanks

Thanks to the Hunters Moon Festival folk for their donation!

to target!

...with nearly three weeks to go. I had no idea there was such goodwill out there. Sean Lysaght made the final donation which took us up to 750. Thanks to you all for your generosity, I'm really touched and glad that we can move on the autumn programme. If you're in Dublin, join is tonight for a celebratory glass of winefromabox (and, yeah, some really unusual and brilliant art from Veer authors: http://www.wurmimapfel.net/component/content/article/27-thursday-8th-september-event-with-veer-books) If you would still like to donate, Wurm can still use your money. Here's where it would go, in order of priority: --towards an honorarium for Phil Hall, who kindly agreed to read for what he could make from book sales --towards the book publishing projects, so that we can capitalise them further and not rely so much on book sales --towards the purchase of a good-quality portable recorder, so Wurm can share our events with the world on the website: www.wurmimapfel.net.

sooo close

Wow, 94%, and 45 euro to go. Thanks to Anita Makri and Sergio Carnevale for their donations! If you're in Dublin join us this evening: http://hellooperator.org/wordpress/?p=1029

getting there and an event

Only 130 to go... and 82% there. Thanks to Billy Ramsell for his donation. Enjoy a Wurm (joint with Veer books) event here on Thursday: http://hellooperator.org/wordpress/?p=1029

off to the Electric Picnic now...

Phew, off Plateau 465! Thanks to Belinda, Kate and Nicola for getting us there, and onto a magical 69% of target. I'm off to the Electric Picnic now -- back on Monday thanks and love xxx

keepin truckin

Thanks to Sarah Clancy for her donation!

29 days to go

Thanks to Aaron Copeland for his contribution! and here's what's next: thur 8 sept 2011 | 8pm | free hello operator 12 rutland place dublin 1 http://hellooperator.org/wordpress/?p=1029 A joint event with Veer Books and Wurm im Apfel. Veer Books is a publisher closely associated with the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre at Birbeck. They publish work by some of Wurm’s favourite contemporary poets. conceptual art / poetry performances by Stephen Mooney, Aodán McCardle and Maurice Scully Irish launch of Aodán’s book ISing and Maurice’s A Tour of the Lattice Refreshments provided. Aodán McCardle – ‘IS ing’ and Maurice Scully ‘A Tour of the Lattice’ Veer Books: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/cprc/publications/veer-books Wurm im Apfel: www.wurmimapfel.net

Saturday thanks!

Thanks to Phil Lynch for his contribution!

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Thanks to our latest sponsor, Anne Tannam!

Shyness is nice, and it won't stop us from doing all the things in life we'd like to!

Shy anonyms have us up beyond the half-way point! Thank you to the nameless ones!


OK, so today I logged on to find that an anonymous lovely person had given us 100 euro! That means we're at 38% of target.... w00p.

Campaign Day 2

Thanks to Elaine! Really coming along now, almost at the 25% mark. Media interest in Wurm picking up, with Totally Dublin and London Student asking about developments. Excited...

mirabile dictu

18%! thanks to Carrie, Graham and Claire! Interview about Wurm here: http://writing.ie/component/easyblog/entry/guest-blogs/interview-with-poet-lecturer-and-all-round-maven-kit-fryatt.html

Going live...

Well, three funders and 10% of target reached. OK for the first day! Thanks to Peadar, Michael and Anon., for getting the ball rolling!

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