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Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop

By Colaiste Eoin


The Young Americans are an outreach performing arts tour that host three day music and performance workshops in schools and communities throughout the world. They have worked in many schools in Ireland. Colaiste Eoin has, in recognition of the importance of supporting and developing a love of the arts and of supporting the creative talent of all our students, invited The Young Americans to host their three day workshop in our school in February. Together with our sister CDETB school, Cabra CC and our feeder primary schools we are hoping to enable as many as 200-250 students from the age of 9 years to 18 years to engage in and enjoy this theatrical extravaganza. The hope is that this will compensate in a small way for the fact that we have no music teacher in our school and that our students do not get the opportunity to recognise their own artistic, musical and performance talent in school. Nor do they perhaps understand the value, the inclusivity and the positive power music and performance can have in their life.

The event is planned to happen on the 3rd, 4th and 5th February 2015. The final performance taking place on the evening of the 5th, time to be confirmed. We have been fundraising since September locally, have held a sponsored cycle, a coffee morning, a non uniform day and have appealed to our suppliers to fund a child on the project. We are also looking for a contribution from every child but this will be capped at €25.00 per child. The objective is to support as many children as we can to take part in this once in a lifetime event. The cost per students is €62 per student including their YA Tee shirt. We also need to feed and house in our own student homes the 46 Young Americans, for 4 nights. The money raised will be used to fund students attending and performing in the YA workshop. The more money raised the more students can participate.

We had a free taster workshop in November. The energy the Young Americans brought was tangible. The positive effect of the YA experience is hard to believe. Within minutes they had all 275 primary and post primary students and teachers dancing in the Gym. It was a joy to see the shy, the challenged and the disengaged student blossom with the Young Americans. The fun and the laughter they had that day was a true gift to all.

This is a community event, parents will be involved in preparing meals for the 46 Young Americans. The event is all inclusive, for all ages 9 years -18 years, all students in our schools primary and post primary and also for our autistic class. We desperately need your financial support to make this happen. We are struggling to raise the funds. Please support this very worthy event. Every cent counts, every cent will make a difference to a child. Please give as generously as you can.



Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop

I can't believe it , we've reached our FUNDIT target and are now 100% funded! Thank you all so much, this is amazing? I was really worried yesterday and we found more generous FUNDERS , you know who you are. We will never be able to thank you enough but suffice it to say every cent will be put into this project and the students will experience a once in a lifetime theatrical event. I'm hoping when we meet at the event that you will be happy that this was a good and worthwhile cause, I will be in touch very soon. Thanks to every one of you again . You have made a real difference.to my students. Paula

Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop

Hi everyone, we are at 83% funded thanks to the incredible generosity if a FUNDER who pledged today. What generosity my students will be forever grateful . Let's hope the next 20 hours bring in the balance of the funds we need only €610 more needed to be successful. . Fingers and toes crossed. THIS IS going to happen... I know it will. Thank you all again so much. Paula on behalf of the 200 students from Colaiste eoin and from Cabra community college and our primary feeder schools that will hopefully participate in the Young Americans Experience.

Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop

Really nervous at this stage , we are down to the wire but can't cross over as yet.. We had more very generous Funders yesterday and we thank you so much for this. We are now funded to the tune of €2860.00. We are at 76% Funded and need a further €860.00 to get over the line. Will hope the weekend brings in some more funding as we only have today and tomorrow to reach the target. If we don't reach this target we lose all your very generous pledges. We held another No Uniform Day this week and raised €194.00. The kids are really excited at the prospect of the Young Americas coming to the school. .We're on countdown now. It's a little like Christmas, the excitement is rising. Thanks again for all the support. Paula

The Young Americans

Folks we need to keep the pressure up we still have to raise a €1000.00 and we only have 3 days to go. Can you help?? Please spread the word, we need a last push to get over the line please. It would be so devastating not to cross the line and to lose all your very generous pledges. Keep remembering that this will impact on so many young people. Fingers crossed we will see some more activity tomorrow. Thanks Paula

Young Americans Performing Arts workshop

Four days left to raise the funds and €1000..00 euros shy of our target. I sincerely hope we meet the target as we have only 4 days left now. Everyone has been so very generous. Fingers and ties crossed that we get over the line. I'm looking forward to contacting you all to thank you directly when I receive your contact detaiks. Again we are indebted to you for your generosity. I hope we don't falter at the last hurdle. I'll keep you posted. Paula

The young Americans Performing Arts Workshop

We are now on the last mile to make our FUNDIT target and realise the funding that has been pledged. There is a need to gather the final €1175.00 for the campaign to be successful. We need a push now for people to pledge this last €1000. Please pass on our link to friends or businesses that might support us. This last hurdle will be the hardest I've no doubt. Thanks so much again for what you have done so far. Paula and the staff and students in Colaiste Eoin.

Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop

We are an incredible 68% funded on our Young American Appeal on FUNDIT. You have all been incredibly generous. In school we are planning a non uniform day next week to hopefully raise €200.00. we also hope to be the TESCO charity and receive €60 in our local TESCO Extra. Cabra CC are running a raffle to support the event so fingers crossed. It's a tough journey but fingers crossed we will get over the line. Thanks so much again for your kindness. Paula

The Young American. Performing Arts Workshop

So sorry folks my mistake or probably wishful thinking , we are at 59% in our FUNDIT appeal. Still a great number. Hopefully will keep mounting over the course of the day. Apologies for the misinformation . Paula

Young Americans Performing Arts Wirkshop

Great activity last night on our Young American FUNDIT campaign, Thank you all so very much. We are actually beginning to believe that this project may actually happen. Can't thank you all enough for your generosity. The FUNDIT appeal is now 64% funded at this point and we still have six days to go. I need to keep the pressure on . I think we just might get across the line thanks to you guys. This is going to have an enormous impact on Colaiste Eoin and on all my students and Cabra CC students and if we get there with the funds as many primary students as we can afford to take part in the event. I can't thank you enough for your generosity . Paula

Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop.

It's unbelievable the generosity of funds that you our FUNDERS are providing for our project. With only 19 FUNDERS we now have 54% of our required funding and 6 days to go. We're over half way there thanks to you all. TESCO bag packing proved very successful on Saturday with a total take if €1162.40 collected over 8 hours . Keep spreading the word please, and thank you all again for your support. Paula

The Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop- Colaiste Eoin

Can you believe it , thanks to the generosity of you, our very generous Funders we are now already at a whopping 37% funded, I am so grateful to you all. This is beginning to feel like we may get over the line. We have 8 days left to reach our target . Please talk about the project and help Colaiste Eoin achieve the target. Look forward to meeting you all and thanking you personally very soon. This is going to bring such happiness to every child in the school. Can't thank you enough for believing we are worth the gift you have given us. Every cent will make a difference. Thanks so much again . Paula

The Young Americans

Well folks we are now at the 27% mark and we have 9 days to go. Please pass on our link to your friends. We still have a long way to go. Bag packing all day tomorrow in Finglas to add to our funds. fingers crossed we raise some additional cash for teh project. Our target is €10,000.00 Thank you all again so much for your support.. Paula and Colaiste Eoin staff and students.

Young Americans performing Arts Workshop

This 7 minute video shows the impact the Young Americans have on a school 3 day event in April 2014 in the UK. It also gives a very real understanding of the wonderful positive effect such an event can have on a child's life.Take a look if you have the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O17dURw7V-8

The Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop

We are live and have already had posted 7 very generous pledges for our campaign. We can't thank our funders enough . This is to so encouraging . Thank you so much fingers crossed we will get over the line . 10 days left...

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