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ZENITH -Short Sci-Fi Film

By Fergal Costello


ZENITH is a short film about love. It tells the story of an astronaut dealing with the last moments of his life, thinking about the wife he left behind, after she went through an excruciatingly harrowing ordeal: a miscarriage. In space, he comes face to face with an enormous Nebula, becoming transfixed by its beauty, remembering his fondest memory of his wife until his demise. At the film's end, we see the reflection of a space-craft in the visor of the Astronaut, an alien craft.

We are trying to make a hugely emotional short film which deals with grand themes. Themes of isolation, fear, loss and love, and tying it into the notion that we are not alone in the universe.

We need €1,200 to make this film and this is where you come in!

Your funds will helps us create huge, epic visuals, achieved with little digital manipulation. It will also help us hire the best actors possible, who will help us deliver the emotion we promise. Approximately one third of the budget will be going towards the payment of the actors.

Cloud tank photography, the manner in which we will pull off the Nebula, is relatively inexpensive, but time consuming, a portion of the money we get will be invested into this process. The effects, when done right, are truly stunning.

Music will also be another part of the budget, hiring the time and effort of professional violinists and a choir.

All pledges received are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!