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ZOMBIES at Tiger Dublin Fringe

By Ruairi Donovan



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ZOMBIES takes THE COMING INSURRECTION by The Invisible Committee as its departure point. It will be an adaptation in two parts that takes place over the course of an entire night, and fuses elements of contemporary dance, theatre, live art and social participation. It is an act of resistance. There is no crisis of economy, only a crisis of imagination.

“Freedom isn’t the act of shedding our attachments, but the practical capacity to work on them, to move around in their space, to form and dissolve them’ (The Invisible Committee, The Coming Insurrection).

We are zombies of immaterial labor. We roam aimlessly fettered to a cycle of self-production and self-consumption in which every human experience has become commodified. We see loneliness all around us, we feel violence everywhere, and this makes it necessary for us to move from the understanding that the catastrophe is not imminent—it is the conditions in which we exist.

Beginning at midnight and ending at dawn, performers will become mediators and audience will become collaborators as we engage risk, intimacy and collective action to imagine a new future.

This work has been developed with the support of Cork City Council Arts Office and in residency at Ponderosa and Dublin Fringe Lab. The final stage of development is currently taking place in Berlin at RUG.

The funding received will go towards paying the artists’ wages, venue rental, set and costume design for the production.

Imagine a world that operates differently. What does it look like?

Zombies - why death is dying or are you working hard enough?
is a project instigated by Ruairí Donovan (IRL), made in collaboration with internationally acclaimed performers and makers; Larry Arrington (USA), VivyAnne ForeverMORE (USA), Jassem Hindi (FR), Mica Sigourney (USA), Louise Trueheart (USA), and Cathy Walsh (IRL).
Produced by Hazel Cullen

About Ruairi Donovan:
Ruairí Donovan is re-imagining himself and the world around him.
Donovan has been making dances in Ireland since 2008 and holds a joint honors B.A in Drama & Theatre Studies and English from University College Cork.
He has produced three major works to date, the sold out smashes MURDER DANCE & WITCHES, and A SONNET FOR DARK LOVE . In 2013 he also collaborated with PAPERdolls on BUNK at Project Arts Centre for Dublin Fringe Festival.
He has performed for Mårten Spångberg (SE), toured internationally with Keith Hennessy (USA) and TURBULENCE (a dance about the economy) since 2010, and is engaged in an ongoing research with collaborator Siriol Joyner (Cmyru).

“Enchanting…” –The Irish Examiner

“Generous and entertaining” –The New York Times



ZOMBIES opens this weekend! And it is all thanks to you guys - 3 Aug 2014

Hello ZOMBIES funders, First of all on behalf of the entire ZOMBIES crew I would like to thank you for your generous support of this project via the Fund It campaign. ZOMBIES would not be the living creation that it is today without your help. As the new production assistant, I can assure you that from the production side of things, this is most definitely the case. Although I have not been long involved with the ZOMBIES, it is clear to me that this is most without doubt a project like no other; ambitious both in its scope and its message. In this final week running up to opening night ZOMBIES is under its last stages of transformation and the atmosphere is electric as all is artfully pieced together, bit by bit, limb by limb… For those of you outside of Ireland or cannot make it to one of our four performances on 6th,7th, 13th and 14th September, we hope to keep you updated via the Ruairi Donovan Choreography Facebook page as the week progresses. We’ll be posting numerous photos, videos and messages from our international cast so that you too can see the fruits of such passion and dedication from both our artists and you, our loyal supporters! We would like to thank you once again for your generosity and truly hope that you like your rewards which are being prepared as you read this message – it really is the least we could do! Have a lovely day and hope to see (some of) you very soon! Stephanie & The ZOMBIES Ruairi Donovan Choreography: https://www.facebook.com/ruairidonovanchoreography Tickets for ZOMBIES at Tiger Dublin Fringe can be bought at: http://fringefest.com/programme/zombies-why-death-is-dying-or Box Office: 1850 374 643

Thank you so much for your support

Dear Zombie friends and family, Thanks to your donations and pledges we reached our target and our campaign has been a success. We are so grateful for your support. Apologies that we haven't really been in touch since the campaign ended. The team at fund it have been wrapping up the campaign for us and now we are busy putting together the rewards for your pledges which you will receive really soon. Since we last spoke TIGER DUBLIN FRINGE have launched their incredible programme which we are so proud to be a part of. Tickets for ZOMBIES are now available for booking through their website, just click on this link below; http://fringefest.com/programme/zombies-why-death-is-dying-or We have an extremely limited capacity for this overnight ecstatic experience and we would love to see you there! So we would advise to book now to avoid disappointment. Send you love and goodies very soon! x Ruairi, Hazel & Zombies

It's the final countdown

Hi Zombie Friends! Thank you all for your incredible support. Its overwhelming that so many people are investing in our project and we are so very very thankful. Today is all about getting over the finishing line! We are so close to our target of €5000 thanks to all your amazing donations and pledges. If we don't make our target then we don't get any of the monies pledged. There are only 8 hours left in our campaign so please please please if you know anyone who might be interested in supporting us, send them an email, pick up the phone or skype. We really are bowled over by your support, eternally thankful Ruairi & The Zombies

The finish line is in sight

Hello Zombie Friends and Family! Firstly thank you again for your incredible support! Your generosity and love is really felt. We are just four days away from our deadline and we are adamant that we will make our target. If you could do us another solid favor we would really appreciate it. We would love if you could tell your friends and family about our project and our campaign. Or anyone that you think might be interested by sharing the link (fundit.ie/project/zombies-at-tiger-dublin-fringe) The cast and I are locked away in the studio in Ponderosa, which is an amazing small farm about an hour north of Berlin. We are developing our solos and working together as a group inside a research group called CREAPS. Mica is working solo in San Francisco but we are in touch using video messaging. I've been working with Alchemy and thinking that if Nixon can unlink money from gold then I must be able to do some magic as well! Cathy is busy with scenography and investigating labor and work, Jassem is waxing lyrical to a chicken about the future of the environment, Louise is giving sermons as though there is no tomorrow, Larry is sewing us all together and Mica, well I don't think you would believe me if i told you. "It's useless to wait - for a breakthrough, for the revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. To go on waiting is madness. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated within the collapse of a civilisation. It is within this reality that we must choose sides." -The Invisible Committee Thanks for your support! Please spread the word with us! x


Hello Friends & Funders! I wanted to write you all a quick note to say thank you so much for your support and generosity. We are so excited about our crowdfunding campaign and your support. We look forward to meeting and thanking you in person at the performance in September at Tiger Dublin Fringe. We are rehearsing every day in Berlin at a really great studio called RUG, we will keep devising and rehearsing here until we all travel back to Ireland in August. Production meetings are taking place and slowly things are coming together. I am choreographing a dance with chainsaws for this production, our cast is one of the bravest i have ever worked with. Here's a sneak peek of one of the performers, Louise Trueheart, firing up her chainsaw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4sTiSjbGGs&feature=youtu.be So, we have another two weeks in our campaign and we are confident that we will reach our target but we need your help. It would be so great if you could share our campaign link http://fundit.ie/project/zombies-at-tiger-dublin-fringe on social media; facebook, twitter, etc etc Or if you know someone who might like our project and be interested in supporting us please do let them know. Thank you most sincerely for helping us make it all happen. Ruairi, Hazel and all the ZOMBIES, team.

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