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Zrazy - New Album

By Zrazy


Zrazy formed in 1992 and since then we have recorded 5 albums of our award-winning songs. We are currently working towards our new album, titled The Art of Happy Accidents. We’ve finished one track called "You Make Me Happy" which you can hear on the video here and which we will be releasing as one of two online summer singles.

Like vintage wine we get better as we mature! Yes it has been a long time since our last album and "The Art of Happy Accidents" reflects a lyrical depth and lived experience as both musicians and people. We want to make something beautiful, uplifting and truthful.

We have spent the last two years writing the songs and finding a musical direction for this album. We’ve found a style that draws on our early love of beats and grooves combined with our jazz virtuosity and freedom. And now we’re ready to go!

Our previous recordings would not have been possible without the generous support of the Irish Arts Council and our friends and supporters worldwide. We are asking for your support again to help us finish what we have started. Your support will directly pay for the recording studio time, mixing, mastering, manufacture, artwork and design, and a small promotion budget. We want every aspect of this album to reflect the quality we have brought to all our work in the past, down to the last detail.

We are offering a wide range of rewards that we hope you will find attractive. We want donors to feel they are a part of the project as it develops and we will keep an update here on our progress and adventures.

We both feel really, really, fortunate to have lived our lives as musicians and we would like to thank everybody who has helped us along the way. And we want to thank everyone who comes on board here for this exciting project.

In love and gratitude
Carole and Maria

Winners of USA Glama and Outmusic Awards, Irish Hot Press Music Critics and USA Billboard Song Competition, Zrazy have been performing worldwide for over 20 years. “Zrazy are world-class” says BBC GLR and from The Irish Times “glorious free-spirited jazz”.






Album Launch Today!

Thank you thank you thank you everyone here who helped us raise the money for this album. It feels like we have a large community of well-wishers behind us and supporting us every step of the way. And it has been a long way! But the day has come, The Art of Happy Accidents is launched in Ireland today (Whelans 6.30) and on Nov 2nd in the UK. We had a review in last weeks ticket. "joyous...sultry..." We're good with that! http://www.irishtimes.com/…/zrazy-the-art-of-happy-accident… It's not a rave review but we're given 'joyous' and 'sultry' so we're good with that! If your signed CD hasn't reached you yet, don't worry it's on it's way. Meanwhile the album, and all our Zrazy albums are available for both download and posting at https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Zrazy We made a video for the opening song Forgiven in collaboration with street photographer Bev Manders. Do check it out, wonderful images. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dib4wK-83qk Please do stay in touch with us. Come and see us live if you can. All our gig dates are at https://www.zrazy.com and we're always available for a chat on facebook. Tell us your favourite songs on the album! https://www.facebook.com/Zrazy It's a wrap as they say in theatre. Wish us luck ...all you fairy godmothers and godfathers out there! love Carole and Maria

Gig Dates for October and November

Hi everyone For anyone who would like to know where to catch Zrazy live over the next couple of months, check out below. More information on the gigs is available on www.zrazy.com and facebook/zrazy xc&m 17/10 Galway, Roisin Dubh 20/10 Dublin, Whelan’s (Album Launch Private by invitation only) 29/10 Brighton, The Brunswick, UK 01/11 London, The Slaughtered Lamb, UK (Album Launch) 05/11 Billy Byrnes, Kilkenny 07/11 Galway, Hungry Bookworm 13/11 Kilmainham Arts Festival, Patriots Inn 14/11 Wicklow, Hot Spot Greystones

Album Launch party Oct 20th Reminder!

Hi everyone Our launch party is now a fortnight away. We have our new band and we're itching to go. If you intend to come and haven't already replied please do let us know. And you are welcome to bring a plus-one, other half or significant other! xcarole and maria It's Party Time! October 20th Whelans Upstairs 25 Wexford St, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Update on October 20th Zrazy Album Launch Party

Hello everyone, The launch party in Whelans, Dublin on the 20th October is taking shape. We start at 6.30, going till 8.30. Frank McGuiness is our special guest who will launch The Art of Happy Accidents. This will be a sweet moment as Frank gave a lovely speech at our first album launch party in 1992! We have sponsorship from several sources, including O'Hara's Beers, Carlow's finest independent brewery. The newly formed Zrazy Band will play a short set and we will be signing albums for all you lovely people. Please can you let us know if you are able to attend ASAP by replying to zrazymusic@gmail.com In feverish anticipation Carole and Maria

Launch Party Date is Tuesday October 20th!

Apologies for omitting a very important piece of information from the last post! The date of the launch party is Tuesday October 20th I'm just too excited you see........ xcarole

Invitation to Zrazy's Album Launch Party for The Art of Happy Accidents

Hi everyone We've sent out invitations to the launch party everyone who helped make this album come to fruition, Just in case you didn't receive your invitation, we've put all the info below. We do hope you can come and know that if you can't you are with us in spirit! PARTY INVITATION We are so happy to announce the Dublin launch party for The Art of Happy Accidents. It's been 10 years since we made an album and we're pleased and proud as punch! We are planning an exclusive private party for all the people who contributed in any way to the making of this record and we hope you will be able to come. We are going to perform a short acoustic set from the album with our new Zrazy band. RSVP essential It's Party Time! Whelans Upstairs 25 Wexford St, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2 6.30pm to 8.30pm x Carole & Maria

At Last!

Hi everyone, Well at last the album is reaching it's launch date. It's currently lining up at the manufacturers and we hope to have it in our eager hands mid-september. Advance copies will be sent out as soon after that as possible, with all the other gifts as promised. We will be having a launch party/gig in both Dublin and London. Dates to be announced soon. For anyone who didn't get to see the two videos we made so far, here they are again... Heaven is Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFMySL-sGUM and You Make Me Happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxJRv4QYtTM And we hope we make you all both happy and proud of us when The Art of Happy Accidents arrives. Enjoy the remaining summer days Carole & Maria

Latest news on the album and new video

Hi everyone it's been a while since we updated on our album progress. We have finished all the recording and are now at the artwork and manufacture stage. We're planning for an October release which is a little later than first expected but ties in with a UK campaign for the album release. Meanwhile we are keeping the airwaves humming, and hopefully you too, with another single. Heaven is Here is now on Youtube https://youtu.be/rFMySL-sGUM We've used stills from the marriage equality campaign for the video. Sweet, joyful and also tearful memories of an extraordinary moment in Irish history. Hope you enjoy it. If you do please help us by sharing the video with friends on Facebook or twitter. Thank you all again for helping this to happen. love and gratitude Carole and Maria

Zrazy Fundraising gig in Dublin for Marriage Equality and more....

Hello everyone We have a couple of Zrazy related things to share. Firstly that we are playing a Dublin fundraising gig for Marriage Equality. Details are all below. The date for the referendum is approaching rapidly. Help spread the word and do tell all your friends and family to get out and vote for a forward-thinking, inclusive and tolerant Ireland. Hope to see you on the night. Meanwhile the Carole Nelson Trio played it's debut concert last Friday and below is a link to a live video from what turned out to be a very special night. http://youtu.be/82JPOaOx0EE And lastly here's a link to the extended mix of You Make Me Happy. Seven minutes of happiness. https://soundcloud.com/zrazy/you-make-me-happy-album-mix And the new album??? On it's way my dears! Expecting now a June release in ireland and a September release in the UK Till then, let's enjoy the first stirrings of Spring xCarole Marriage Equality Fundraiser Gotham South Restaurant & Cafe, 4 Kilmacud Road Lower, Stillorgan, Dublin, IE COME JOIN US FOR A NIGHT OF FUN, FOOD AND MUSIC AT GOTHEM SOUTH 12TH MARCH 7:30PM HOSTED BY THE IMAGINATIVE UNA MULLALLY & MUSIC FROM THE TALENTED ZRAZY A JAZZ / BLUES DUO. Get Zrazy's latest single at: http://youtu.be/haupxHgFCIc TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE AT THE LINK BELOW: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/marriage-equality-fundraiser-with-zrazy-tickets-15761904280

Happy New Year 2015 and a new video to kick start the new year and the new album

Hi everyone We're back on track after the winter break and heads are now down to get this album finished. Meanwhile the lovely crew of PigeonHouse Productions in Dublin have produced this splendid video for us of You Make Me Happy. Hope you like it..we love it! http://youtu.be/haupxHgFCIc It's going to be the first of 2 or 3 singles to be released in the UK ahead of the album. The Irish release date is still in the air....but soon we hope! This weekend we're off to a photoshoot with Grace Hall of gracehallphotography.com We really like her style....wonderful about older women. Till next time, wishing you all a very happy new year and stay warm! love Carole and Maria

Latest Update on Zrazy New album

Hi everyone, well we've been quiet for a while and it's definitely time to let you know how the project is going. We are so squeakily close to finishing it! However we have decided to postpone release of the album until the new year in order to not get swamped by the Christmas releases. It's a shame to be holding back but it does make sense! Meanwhile we're negotiating our way through the landscape of the music industry both in Ireland and the UK in order to give the album the best possible start. For those of you yet to receive rewards we haven't forgotten you! In act we'll never forget the outpouring of love and generosity that you gave us. Finally, as we head into winter, here's a taster of one the songs...succinctly called Snow... xxcarole and maria Snow You go to bed at night With the stupid debris of life still in your head Everyday feels the same You’ve forgotten how to feel really, really good Then you wake up and feel The cold air take your breath away And all is new and beautiful Like when you were a child And the snow is falling And the snow is falling You get into your clothes And run downstairs two at a time A voice on the radio says The big freeze is here to stay Outside you make the first footprint In the perfect snow Nobody’s going to work today We’re all going out to play And the snow is falling And the snow is falling That night you can’t sleep You stand outside in the strange blue light You feel the drift of the land east to west Past soft fields and sleeping towns Sleep lies heavy, a blanket of snow On all the blessed dreamers And you remember a story you once read How snow was falling on all the living and the dead And the snow is falling And the snow is falling

New single and how you can help!

Hi to all our wonderful funders Our single You Make Me Happy is getting airplay and great response on RTE 1. Both John Creedon and Ronan Collins are playing it. It really makes a huge difference if people send a text or email requesting a song.....especially if it's for a special occasion...but just wanting to hear the song is good too! We'd be really grateful if anyone can take a couple of minutes to do this. Every little bit helps to build momentum toward the album release. The list below is of all the DJs for national radio stations. We're working on the regional list now! The album is so near ready! thinking about artwork now....very excited. Talk to you all soon xcarole and maria 1.Ronan Collins Show (Radio 1 @ 12-1pm Mon-Fri): Email: ronan.collins@rte.ie or TEXT 51551 2. Shay Byrne of Risin' Time, Radio 1 from 6am I think: Email: shay@rte.ie or Text: 51551 3. John Creedon Show (Radio 1, 8-10pm) Email: creedon@rte.ie or Text 51551 4.Late Date with Alf McCarthy ( Radio 1, 10pm-1am,Mon-Fri) Email: Alf.McCarthy@rte.ie or Text 51551 Fiachna Braonain on Sat/Sun email: fiachna.obraonain@rte.ie . Same Text 51551 and Lilian Smithon same prog: Email: smithl@rte.ie > Same Text 51551 TODAY FM is: Ray D'arcy - ray@todayfm.com Ian Dempsey - dempsey@todayfm.com Newstalk Radio- Tom Dunne - Email: tdunne@newstalk.ie

A Dublin gig this Sunday afternoon 2pm Farmleigh

Hi everyone, a quick update on our progress so far. We're still working on the album but getting close to a finish. Near so near! The single You Make Me Happy is getting some airplay on RTE and please do write in and request it! This coming Sunday, we're playing with our band at Farmleigh in Phoenix Park at 2pm. FREE. It's a lovely gig, families, children, animals! Farmer's Market and lots more. Hope to see you there. xcarole and maria

Staying in touch

The work on the album continues and we hope to be able to release a second single from it before Christmas, then an album release date in early 2015. I want to check in with you all that everyone received a personal thank you email? If you didn't, and fell through the cracks in any way do get in touch with us at zrazymusic@gmail.com We've begun fulfilling our rewards and are really enjoying this. Big thanks to everyone who came to the Marriage Equality Fundraiser last Sunday. It was fun. We have 2 gigs coming up in Farmleigh, Dublin with our band so do come along Sunday 14 and Sunday 28 at 2pm if you're free and fancy spending the last of the summer afternoons listening to latin and jazz breezing out over the park. xxcarole and maria

We made it!

Well we made it everyone! The last evening was real drama as we inched toward the line with just a few hours to spare! As I went away the next day on my holiday it's hard to describe the sheer buoyancy of heart that came from knowing that you all believe in and support our music. And now we really can get down to finishing the album and making it as good as we can. We've written to you individually to thank each and every one of you for your generosity. Some of our rewards we can fulfill straight away, Some have to wait until we've finished the album. Meanwhile, although the Fundit campaign has ended we can still keep in touch with all our funders with news on how the album is progressing. Thank you thank you thank you Carole and Maria

Over the line

Would you believe we have only 15euros to raise! Yes that is 15! It's 7pm on Tuesday and we have till 11am deadline tomorrow. So if anyone would like to see us over the line just for the thrill, please be our guest! Big smiles Carole and Maria


Hi everyone. Well we have 24 hours to go and we are soooo close. We're confident we will cross the finishing line and that we will be celebrating a successful campaign tomorrow! We want to thank everyone again before the project closes for all the wonderful support we have had over the six weeks. It's been quite a ride. People have tweeted, facebooked, helped to spread the word around the world. And of course for all of you who have given pledges our gratitude is massive. We are looking forward to the next phase of the project where we will be contacting each of you with our thanks and gifts. And then, and then, this much talked about album will be made real! Finally a big thank you to the Fundit crew for all your help. All questions and confusions on our part while running the campaign gently and patiently dealt with! Adios for now Carole and Maria

Final Week!

Well we've entered into our final week in the campaign to fund our new album and we are so grateful to everyone who has pledged money so far. We're really looking forward to finishing the album, The Art of Happy Accidents, and just know that you won't be disappointed! The songs are all written by the two of us and range in style from funky happy dance to reflective and beautiful. It's all good! Meanwhile a reminder that we are buzzing on twitter@zrazymusic, on facebook/zrazy and on YouTube at http://youtu.be/HxJRv4QYtTM. In fact you can check out all our other videos there, going right back to our first single I'm In Love With Mother Nature in 1992! As we come to the end of our campaign here on Fundit we'd like to thank the Fund It crew for all their help and advice and also all the people here on Fundit who are supporting us. It's such a great idea and we intend to play our own part and support other projects in the future. xxcarole and maria

New single up on Youtube and other news

Hi everyone You Make Me Happy is now up on Youtube at http://youtu.be/HxJRv4QYtTM We used stills taken from the studio session at Ventry Studios where we are working towards the completed album. All going really well. It sounds GREAT! We're playing next Monday evening for the closing of the GAZE Film Festival in Dublin. Some new songs will get their first outing. Very excited about that! And the funding continues to delight and warm our hearts. "Thank you' is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding." Alice Walker

Single Release!

Hi everyone We're thrilled to announce the release of Zrazy's first single You Make Me Happy from our forthcoming album. It is a funky summery breeze of a tune featuring Maria on flute and vocals and some groovy piano playing from Carole. Listening instructions. In the car, windows down, loud! Hope you enjoy it and please share if you like it! Click below to hear it now! http://open.spotify.com/album/6vG1DE8eCo8lF5guAi1xyi https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/you-make-me-happy-single/id898108630 The track was recorded at Ventry Studios, Dublin. Written, performed, produced by Zrazy. We're still working on all our other tracks and hope that this single will help to flag The Art of Happy Accidents when we release it. Another big thank you to all our funders so far. It is truly humbling to receive such generosity. Love Carole and Maria

One Week On!

Hi to everyone of you that has contributed so generously to our new album funding campaign. We are overwhelmed at the response so far, having reached over a quarter of the total in the first week. We are still finishing the recording stage of the album, to be followed by mixing, mastering, manufacture and all of that. But we have been working on two tracks that we want to release as singles over the summer. They are both happy good-feel songs and that's how we feel right now. They will be available on Spotify , ITunes, Youtube and Soundcloud any day now! The radio DJs are receiving the tracks now and hopefully we can get some airplay to help us publicize the funding campaign. That is the plan anyway! What else is new....we've just done a not-too-serious interview with Outmost Magazine here http://theoutmost.com/entertainment/music/10-questions-zrazy/ Hope you're all enjoying the lovely summer love Carole and Maria

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